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Who We Are?

Fast Mobile Mechanic

Fast Mobile Mechanic is the cost-effective and reliable company to call in any roadside emergency. We have trained and qualified mechanics and haulers to get the vehicle out of trouble. Whether it is tire repair, fuel delivery, or any auto repair need, we can assist! Our firm has been working for many years so we are experienced and will never compromise on quality.

Battery Jump Start Service in Sandy Springs GA

If your car's battery is dead, do not panic. You are not alone in who is facing this issue. Automobile owners face this issue once in their lifetime due to many reasons. Whether a person owns a new car or an old one, this problem can occur at any time. Hire our mechanics; they will safely jump-start a car and help you to get back on the road as soon as possible. We understand that miserable condition when a person sits in his car, turns a key, and it fails, and it fails to start. Do not panic if it happens to you. If an engine starts groaning, immediately call us, our experts will take care of everything. They will reach the instructed location within 20-30 minutes with all the essential tools and a Jump Starter. Instead of typing jump start near me, give us a chance to become your trustworthy roadside assistance provider. Fast Mobile Mechanics are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist clients.

Jump Start Motorcycle Service

Like heavy-duty vehicles, our motorcycles also break down in the middle of the roads due to common reasons. Bikes also consist of batteries and require the same maintenance and repair services as cars need. A common person cannot imagine how much this component can impact other mechanisms or vehicles. A damaged battery can cause trouble with other electric elements of autos and bikes. Following are the signs that help you to know that this component is failing:

  • Produce a clicking sound when a driver turns the key
  • Dim headlights
  • Difficulty in starting a vehicle due to poor power supply
  • Slow crank
  • Backfiring
  • Producing odd smell
  • Corroded terminals

If anyone notices these signs, immediately contact experts or visit the repair center to fix this issue quickly before getting into more trouble. Faulty element starts corroding or damaging other parts of any machine, so change them as soon as possible.

Causes of a Dead Battery

Here are the following reasons why this component fails to work and when an auto owner needs jump start service:

On Headlights

 A person who does not turn off the headlight and keeps them on for a long time for no reason causes fast power draining. Some newer models have this feature that turns off the lights automatically after some time. However, if a person has a car that does not have this feature, should keep shut the lights because it causes fast power drainage.

Old and Rusted Connection

Faulty, old, and rusted electrical connections also cause this problem. Loose terminals fail to supply full power to the engine, which is why a car or bike fails to start.

Due to Weather Conditions

Extremely hot or cold weather badly impacts the working of this element. Old batteries get more damage as compared to new ones in this situation. Intense weather conditions play a significant role in damaging them. If you notice anything wrong with it, contact our experts. They will diagnose and troubleshoot the issue quickly. Our mobile techs are ready to give you a fast jump-start car service.

Benefits of Jump Start Services

The following are the benefits of jump services:

Save Time

Engine or power failure occurs at the most inconvenient time. When a person wants to attend an important event or a meeting, it happens. Only Fast Mobile Mechanics can help vehicle owners fix any automobile issue quickly.


Fast Mobile Mechanics offers jump-start battery service at affordable rates compared to other competitors' prices. They will reach anywhere at any time to assist our customers. People who want to save their time and money can contact us right now!

Give Protection from Other Issues

Dead battery causes more issues by corroding and damaging other car elements. It would be highly beneficial for you to visit or hire experts from our company for checkups. Our technicians provide regular checkups for vehicles component and mobile repair services in this city. You can give protection to other vehicle components by hiring our experts.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Fast Mobile Mechanics offers emergency services, including flat tire changes, empty tank refueling, engine repair, towing, and car jump services. Whether an owner's car breaks down, collides with another vehicle, or gets a tire burst can rely on us. Our professional technicians strive to deliver emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day. They will assist stranded drivers even in we hours of the night when finding a mechanic is the toughest task. Most repair shops or automobile service companies close at night. Suppose how terrible it is if anyone got lost or sucked in the middle of the road due to a vehicle's electronic component malfunction. To deal with this situation, a person always needs a partner who is always available to assist on the road no matter what the time is. Commonly cars break down due to a faulty battery. Do not worry, changing those damaged ones or repairing that one is not a big problem now. We will send a fully equipped team of mechanics with a spare battery to the client's instructed location, and they will fix the issue. Instead of panicking by thinking I need a jump start service who is should trust for this job, select us without wasting more time.

Why Choose Fast Mobile Mechanics?

Quick solutions for damaged cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, or other automobiles at any place, any time. Offer all roadside assistance at reasonable rates. Fully equipped, qualified, and trained team of technicians. Experienced tow truck drivers and highly maintained tow trucks for medium or heavy-duty vehicles. Contact us if a car or bus breaks down or collides with other vehicles and needs a fast accident recovery service. Experts here provide tow truck assistance and provide first aid to injured passengers. We wish that no one ever has this miserable condition and calls us. However, people cannot predict unwanted or bad scenarios, so hire us to get a fast assistant if any miss occurs with anyone.


Services We Offer

Tire change

Our firm will provide efficient tire change on the spot.

Fuel Delivery

Call us for the fastest fuel delivery no matter where your vehicle breaks down.

Auto Repair

Our mechanics will provide efficient auto repair services.

Emergency Roadside Aid

Drivers can contact us in any emergency. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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Excellent auto repairs and roadside assistance providers. I will recommend them to all my family and friends.



They are providing affordable and fast auto battery jump start.



I have never met that humble and professional mechanic. This company is wort to choose.



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