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We are dealing with all types of Apple devices. Whether it is a MacBook, laptop, iPad, iPhone, our experts can handle everything. They diagnose and fix the issues related to their software and hardware skillfully by using advanced tools and techniques. All components that we replace are apple certified.

iPhone Repair Services in Sacramento CA

Apple devices have powerful, more advanced software and hardware. The major and best part about its manufacturers is that they built these devices' components and software on their own. In simple words, the iPhone manufacturer built its iOS and hardware. It is why these devices are expensive and less prone to wear and tear. When something goes wrong with Apple gadgets, getting a professional and quick repair is challenging. Not every smartphone rectifying center can perform rectification on them. However, you are lucky if you landed on this website because our professional experts provide fast repair services. Contact us now if you are looking for an iPhone repair shop in Sacramento, CA. No matter what model of iPhone a client has, our experts will fix any issue. From screen to home button repair, we will fix every issue.

Following are the few problems that users face with this gadget:

  • Fast battery drainage
  • Overheating while charging
  • Phone battery replacement
  • Sudden shutdown

Bring your cell to this store to fix the issue. Our pros will give you the right solutions for it. You can get apple certified new charges that also help you maintain the battery's life. Expert Technicians will give you useful advice and solutions after diagnosing the phone and tell you whether it needs repair or not.

iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

A broken screen of an iPhone is not a big problem nowadays because now it is possible to get a high-quality screen to replace it. However, replacing a phone screen is more expensive than iPhone screen repair. If someone's phone fell accidentally and got cracked, contact us. We have qualified techs who know how to rectify a broken screen skillfully. All products and tools that we use in any process are Apple certified. We ensure that clients will never get improper service related to any issue because our experts have deep knowledge about the hardware and software of smart cells. If you hit our company's link, you do not need to search for iPhone repair near me on google; instead, call us. Our customer representative will give you an estimate of the iPhone screen repair cost via call.

iPhone Charging Port Repair in Sacramento CA

How frustrating will it be when a user finds that the charging port is not working or is broken? The charging port is one of the most usable parts of any gadget. Users use it to plug cable for a charge or connect it to another medium to transport data. Due to excessive use and dust particles, it starts causing trouble. It is advisable that our clients try to keep clean all their smart gadgets and use them carefully. By doing this, users can get improve their working capabilities. In case of any damage, we are proud to say that clients can get any service at this store with one of our Apple-authorized service providers. The technicians at this company receive Apple training and deliver the same high-quality services with genuine parts. Instead of wasting time, please visit this store to get iPhone charging port repair.

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sacramento CA

Water or any liquid spill is not good for any smart or electronic device. Because liquid like water, juice, or anything else can reach inside the apparatuses and start corroding them, if someone falls his/her phone into a bathtub or sink, immediately contact us instead of panicking. Our experts will handle everything efficiently by using the right tools and techniques to fix the problem. It would be beneficial to stop those still trying to fix it by using the hairdryer technique to dry the device. This DIY trick cannot be enough to ensure whether the liquid completely dries or not. Consequently, bring that gadget to pros. It will save both the money and time of a client.

iPhone Back Glass Repair in Sacramento CA

Apple releases a newer model of iPhone with stylish and beautiful back glass. In model 8, this glass allows wireless charging that attracts users. A shiny, sleek, and luxurious back give an attractive look. It also lets the grip. Due to less grip, more drops occur that cause scratches and cracks. We understand that broken back glass does not look pleasant. It can also cause injuries like cutting a user's finger. It allows dust, rain, and other liquids to come inside the device. These substances can cause internal damages that cost a user more than expected. Save yourself from all these damages by contacting us for iPhone back glass repair.

Fix iPad Home Button Repair

The home button is located on the front bottom side of the device to perform multiple tasks. It turns on the display allows the user to approach apps, reset or power off the device, and more. A damage button annoys the user more than anything else. Do not be stressed if I happen to anyone because our pros are here to assist in fixing this issue in no time. Please bring your device when you notice something going wrong with it, and rest assured. This place is the most suitable for laptop and iPhone repair services.

MacBook Repair in Sacramento CA

Are you looking for MacBook or Apple iPhone repair shop near you? Hot Tech experts are ready to provide excellent MacBook screens, batteries, charging ports, home buttons, and iPhone glass repair services. No job is too small or complex for us. This firm provides all Mac/iPhone fix services at affordable rates of software and hardware. All you have to do is to bring your devices to this store, hire experts to resolve the problems, and purchase replacement products certified by Apple from us. This company offers most assistance such as charging port or screen repair on the same day. If an assistance provider sends a device to the company, it will inform you when you can get this from a repair shop. Do not worry about the rates of each fix because this company will never put a burden on its client's pockets.


Services We Offer

iPhone Repair

Our professionals provide any assistance from screen to battery to back glass, port, or water damage repair.

MacBook Repair

 We can repair macs screens, fans, batteries, hinges, and more in no time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Bring your devices to this store to get cleaning and maintenance services.

Charging Port Repair

Hot Tech Repair experts replace and rectify Mac devices' broken and damaged charging ports.

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I visited this center to fix the cracked screen of my iPhone. I was worried and suspicious at that moment, but I am glad after their assistance.



I had a great experience with Hot Tech Repair experts. They not only fixed my phone's back glass but also advised me to purchase a beautiful case for its protection. I bought it, and it has really benefited me.



If you are genuinely looking for a reputable and trustworthy smart cell repair shop, then I will recommend this center to all my friends and family.



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