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InstaGlass LLC provides excellent residential and commercial window installation services in several areas. Clients get any assistance they want at reasonable rates from glass and casement repair, maintenance, and replacement. We don't compromise on the quality of work and material we use in our products.

Custom Shower Doors in Seattle WA

Do you want to make your bathroom stunning by installing custom shower enclosures? InstaGlass LLC provides top-quality glass and professional installers in Seattle WA. Bathrooms are one of the smallest places in homes but it plays a crucial role to give a bad or good impression on visitors and also on family members. No one is like the dark, dingy, and dull ambiance of this place. Due to this reason, we help homeowners to make this place more attractive, clean, and soothing. Almost everybody starts and ends the day by using this place to feel fresh. How irritated it could be if it gives us a dull and uncomfortable impression. Don’t worry, expert designers are ready to help everyone to make their restrooms more stylish, bright, and comfortable. Whether someone constructing a house or want to renovate the old one can rely on us to make this small place more stunning. Contact us and we will give you top-quality shower door enclosures that will bring a new look to bathrooms. Check out our stylish designs and the types of glass we provide to each client. Customer service associates will help customers and answer all the questions they ask appropriately. Is anybody looking for glass experts? Luckily your search has reached the right place!

Shower Doors and Enclosures Installation

We specialize in custom glass shower doors framed and frameless. With our expertise, clients can choose several options that suit their taste, layout or bathroom, and budget. Top-quality product, sleek designs, safest installation, and consumer satisfaction is our top priorities. We take care of all those factors to establish a good and strong relationship with clients. Give us a call right now without keeping a doubt. We will prove that our services are the best and more suitable for you. Feel free to contact us at (206) 773-6868 at any time of day you want.

InstaGLass LLC offered these Residential and Commercial Glass services in Seattle WA:

Types of Custom Glass Shower Doors

This company is providing several types of custom shower glass that will make customers’ water closets eye-catching and make this place more soothing. Following are the types a client can choose for this place:


Most people prefer to install tinted glass in their bathrooms to get multiple advantages. This type offers a clear, protective, and desired to look to this place. It is available in several colors so a client can match its color according to the décor of a lavatory. It allows you to match the color of enclosures according to the old-style house walls. Shades of blues and greens are the most famous that look great with any wall or tile colors. It will give more privacy and style. A person can choose shades from light to dark. Darker shades offer more privacy than light ones. Do you want to know more about it? Select us! We will customize them and our professional technicians will provide excellent window replacement for you.

Textured and Rain

Rain pattern is one of the most liked types of textured glass. Property owners have many options to customize this one. It is designed from one side, some like raindrops pattern, a blurry effect, stripped and waves. It is easy to clean and light can pass through it. Is anybody looking for this? The designer consultant of this firm is ready to assist and educate you. Choose anything you want and our glaziers will place those textured closets in your lavatory. Instead of searching about shower door installation near me, get benefits from us by hiring skilled and experienced glaziers.


Some people love the sleek and simple style so they choose clear glass to make their lavatories beautiful. It is a transparent type and works with all types of home interior décor. It has a slightly greenish shade that could hardly be seen. It is best for those lavatories who have decorative luxurious tiles and stylish interiors. This type of reflector does not block the view and offers a peaceful ambiance. It is best to enhance the brightness of the area.


It is like a clear transparent glass but it offers more clarity than this one. Low-iron mixture offer more clear view and a person can enjoy true color effects while taking a bath in a stunning bathing stall. It is best for those restrooms that have a colorful background. Those colors appear clearer and a person can see them through them. Low-iron mixture vanishes the greenish shade of the reflector that making it clearer. It is easy to clean and maintain. Is anyone want to put this type of bathing stall in a bathroom? Hire expert professional technicians for shower door installation. We are ready to assist clients 24/7 in Seattle WA.


Owners that prioritize privacy over anything else, select frosted glass bathing stalls.  With the help of acid sandblasting, manufacturers make those reflectors. One side is textured and the other is clean. A person can clean the clear side easily with a soft sponge and liquid soap. It prevents smudges, stains, and fingerprints. However, it is a bit challenging to clean the frosted side due to its textured surface. Otherwise, it is one of the best and most stylish types of bathing stalls.

Frameless and Framed Custom Shower Door

Skilled professionals here position both framed and custom frameless shower doors. They have trained and years of experience in this business. They know how to handle and take care of this delicate material throughout the installation process. Let us explain it:


Framed doors and glass enclosures have metal or another material frame around each panel and door. the installation of this set is less expensive than frameless. A thin reflector is used for this instead of a heavy one. However, it does not open widely. Commonly one side of it is open and the other remains shut. A client can design frames according to taste and budget. Steel and aluminum are used to make frames around it. Aluminum is more suitable for them because it offers smooth sliding or swinging.


A heavy or thick tempered glass is used to make bathing stalls. Its placement is more expensive than the first one. It is available in different sizes, styles, and configurations. It has no metal frames. However, metal hinges, pivots,s or handles are used to open it. It offers a wide range of motion and swings from both in and outside. They are easier to maintain and clean as compared with framed ones. For the placement of this type of stall, professional services are mandatory because a novice cannot handle it without any experience and skills.

Shower Door Installation Cost

Don’t worry about the costs of our services and products. We have hundreds of clients’ reviews that are happy with our prices. Everything you get from this company is top-notch quality and the expert technicians’ services are insured and registered. Dial the mentioned number instantly and get a cost estimate from us. Ask any question about bathing stalls and doors, customer representative is here to answer all the questions appropriately. With the help of this firm’s qualified techs make your lavatories sleek and more stylish.



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