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InstaGlass LLC

InstaGlass LLC provides excellent residential and commercial window installation services in several areas. Clients get any assistance they want at reasonable rates from glass and casement repair, maintenance, and replacement. We don't compromise on the quality of work and material we use in our products.

Commercial Glass Service Near Bothell WA

From new construction to repair and replacement InstaGlass LLC professionals are ready to deliver outstanding commercial glass services. Our experienced technicians and designers help you to choose the perfect windows and trim options to enhance the look of buildings. Are you ready to create the desired look and add beauty to your places? If yes, they don't waste a single minute and dial the mentioned number right now. Metal, wood, vinyl, bay, gable, or casement. We provide the right products and installation methods to complement the building. professionals can replace or install sliders, awning/hopper, bay/bow, single/double-hung, and casements to any small or big buildings.

Whether you own enterprise premises, hotels, restaurants, institutional places, or anything else, experienced workers and designers can add a new look to them. With the help of InstaGlass doors, windows, and enclosures, make any building or property is more appealing than others. We don't take extra time or collect money from any client because we know the value of both the time and money. These two things are more precious than anything else and no one wants to waste them unnecessarily. So, save your time and money and visit us today to get commercial glass service in Bothell WA.


Commercial Door Replacement Service

It is not a simple task to position big, robust tempered doors in any public place, mall, or office building. It requires more energy, skills, knowledge, and several laborers who can handle this delicate material. Only reputable and experienced providers can suggest to their clients the best or more reliable options for space. Our consultant designers help consumers choose the best options for their properties' entrances and windows. They help them choose quality reflectors that can be installed in several designs and styles. InstaGlass LLC is a reputable commercial glass company providing services for all kinds of projects and making them securer elegantly.

InstaGLass LLC offered these Commercial Glass services in Bothell WA:

Commercial Glass Door Repair

Doors are prone to wear and tear whether they are installed on residential property or commercial one. Due to excessive or rough use, they can break or get scratches over time. Don't stress and dial a contact number to get a fast and safe commercial glass repair at affordable prices. If you are looking for excellent and skilled commercial glass entry doors installers or sellers, then call us right now. No one is better than for door or commercial door installation in Bothell WA. We can do and provide the following assistance in several areas:

Types of Commercial Glass Doors

Are you looking for the best commercial glass entry doors that enhance the value and beauty of the place? Here are the following types of reflectors that are used in making robust gates and openings:

  • Transparent
  • Wired
  • Insulated
  • Transparent Glass Doors
  • Coated
  • Frosted
  • Revolving Doors
  • Sliding Doors


Small business owners prefer to install transparent/clear glass in their properties. In this way, the areas look brighter and wider. It also helps display products such as clothes, bags, and eatable products. It helps to highlight wares effectively. Call us at (206) 773-6868 to get this when or hire experts for commercial glass repair in case of any damage.


Wired reflectors are non as a fire-resistant entities. Wire holds the glass from shattering in case of heating or electric shock. You can find this one in schools and hospitals. It is the best choice for those who want to improve security levels.

It is one of the most effective, durable, and strong types of reflectors that many businesses use to improve the environment and property's looks. Two to three panes are used in their making, special air/gas is filled between them. This gas will help reduce the heating or cold effect in summer and winters. It stops heat from entering the rooms and does not allow warmth to go out through the windows in winter. Employee us insulated commercial glass replacement, installation, and repair. We will take care of everything efficiently.

Transparent Glass Doors

In malls or offices' main entrees, these types of doors are installed to give an appealing look to the visitors. The solid and top-quality transparent mirror is used in their constructions. Mostly they are tinted with high precision safety and security window films. This will help them from severe shattering and the bad effects of vandalism. 


Coated means that the glass of any door is coated with a customized tint to get multiple advantages. It may be coated with decorative, textured, heat & glare reduction, and privacy films. these types of doors give a more appealing look and 100% safety benefits to any office or shop. If you want to install this type of custom glass door, then no place is better than InstaGlass LLC


Frosted coated gates or windows give you more options for decoration. They are available in many colors, shapes, designs, thicknesses, and sizes. People place them in their offices, restrooms, kitchen partitions, cabinets, and more places where they want. 

Revolving Doors

You saw them commonly in malls or small shopping centers. Two or more sections of coated, frosted, or transparent mirrors are installed with or without the frames. It rotates when someone pushes or pulls in or outside to enter or exit any place. Their attractive mechanism or clear look attracts visitors. If the installed mirrors are clear then it is very easy to clean them. Frosted coated is difficult to clean because of its texture only experts can do it better. 

Sliding Doors

In homes, offices, schools, and hospitals, we can see sliding doors and casements almost in all buildings. They are made and installed in various frame designs. Commonly they have two sections one is movable and the other is stationary. You can find them in-home or office kitchens, balconies, entry, and Restrooms. Here we would like to mention some types of designs of sliding entry gates that our techs supply, replace, repair, and install:

  • With one panel
  • Two panels
  • Fixed in a wall or ceiling 
  • Bypass gates 
  • Pocket sliding
  • Bi-Fold
  • Sliding French 
  • Shoji



Services We Offer


Hire experts in case of any damage. They can fix it efficiently.

Residential Windows Installation

Homes are not complete without beautiful windows. Get safe and fast casements installation from us.

Commercial Window Installation

Our professionals can place glass and elegant windows from small to big commercial buildings in them.

House Window Tints

Select the desired tint from the profile or order customized tints for your house casements.

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I hired them to replace old casements of my office. I had a great experience with them.

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