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Cash For Junk Cars in Atlanta GA

By Grace Towing and Repair

Who We Are?

By Grace Towing and Repair

By Grace Towing and Repair served many years in this industry and helped hundreds of people. We purchase broken, wrecked, and old cars, trucks, buses from you at reasonable prices. We will take away from your place no matter what type, make, and model you have.

Cash For Junk Cars

If you have an unwanted old vehicle taking up space in your garage, then you might consider hiring professionals to remove it. The best part is that you can get some cash by doing so as well. Suppose your car is standing in your house for no apparent reason and is also scrapped. Alternatively, if your grandfather has an old car that is of no use to you and you want to sell it for some quick cash, then By Grace Towing and Repair is your best option. You can bring your car to our junkyard.

Our professionals will weigh your car, check it properly then quote you a price on the spot. If you are satisfied with the quotation, you can show us the proof of the ownership and get your money on the spot. Our experts disassemble the whole car and check it properly. We make sure to remove any working parts from your car. The parts are then sold to the people who need them. Nothing goes to waste, and the things which have some life left in them are used correctly.

All the chemicals from your car like motor oil, radiator fluid and washer fluid are removed and disposed of properly. We take care of our environment, so we do not just spill those liquids in local sewerage systems or an open field. We make sure to collect all those chemicals and oils and send them to proper recycling facilities. You can find un online by typing “scrap my car for cash in Atlanta GA” on google. You will find us on the very top and then you can contact us from there.

$500 Cash for Junk Cars

If you want to sell your car for 500 dollars, you can bring your car to our shop. If your car is worth $500, then we will give you the price immediately. If you want to sell your car for high prices, then here is a tip for you. The engine, catalytic converter, and transmission hold much value, and you can use them to increase the price of your vehicle. They are the significant components of any vehicle, and a vehicle cannot drive without them. So, if anyone breaks these parts, then they will have to get a replacement one. The original and new ones are costly, so they like to buy used ones. You can also sell them separately online.

Recycling The Vehicle

Any metal from your car that is rusted is polished and used again. If your car has much rust and no one is buying it from you, do not worry, bring it to us. We will buy it from you at top prices.

Cash for Junk Cars Same Day Pick Up

If you are planning to move to a new location or your landlord wants you to remove the unwanted vehicle from your house in under a day. It can be challenging to find a company or a guy who will buy your junk car. If you want to sell your scrap car immediately, then get in touch with us. We will buy your car on the spot. You need to bring your vehicle to our junkyard.

If you cannot do so because the vehicle is not in working condition, do not worry; We also have trucks to tow the car for you. We will tow the car to our junkyard, and we will inspect it there. We will give you a quote then. If you get satisfied with it, then we can close the deal on the spot. The whole process takes a couple of hours, so you will not have to wait long, and the landlord will be happy.

Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Atlanta GA

If you want to sell your junk car for cash, then get in touch with By Grace Towing and Repair. We provide the best services in town. Our employees are professional and will take care of your vehicle correctly. We always dispose of the chemicals properly, and our prices are reasonable as well. We always try to provide top dollar to our clients when we buy junk cars for cash in Atlanta GA.

Pick Up Junk Cars for Cash

If your vehicle is not in moving condition, then do not worry. We have a tow truck to get the vehicle out of your home and into our junkyard using our vehicles. You will not have to worry about the cost of it because it is free. We also provide the best pick and pull cash for junk cars to our clients. If you want to find or company online, then just open google and type “cash for junk cars near me” or “buy junk cars for cash near me”.

You will be able to find our company on the very top page of google. You can contact us directly from there and find the directions to our shop as well. We will be more than happy to do business with you.

24 Hour Cash for Junk Cars

Most of the people get a hard time getting ahold of junkyard because of their timings. If you work night or evening shifts and want to sell the car after opening hours then it can be tough to find a company. Because most companies work from 9 to 5 and do not provide their service all day long, do not worry. We provide 24-hour services to our clients. If you want to get a 24-hour junk car removal service, then look no more and call By Grace Towing and Repair.

We will be more than happy to help you out in this situation. Our employees make sure to tow the car to the yard properly, and most of the time, if the distance to the yard is not too much, then the service is free, and its cost will not be deducted in the final payment. We also provide 24-hour cash for junk cars in Atlanta GA.


Services We Offer

Full-Service Agency

We are a full-service agency that supports customers in anything from old to unattractive car removal.

Professional Staff

Our tow truck drivers are certified, and we have professional dealers.

24-Hour Service

We will provide a 24-hour car removal pick-up service in College Park, GA, and nearby areas.


We have an exceptional team just for the completion of towing services. If your car ever stops working in the middle of the road, then get in touch with us immediately.

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The faculty of the company was very professional.

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Their response time is very remarkable, they reached out to me in no time.

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The service response time was amazing, I didn’t have to wait for that much.

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