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Who We Are?

By Grace Towing and Repair

By Grace Towing and Repair served many years in this industry and helped hundreds of people. We purchase broken, wrecked, and old cars, trucks, buses from you at reasonable prices. We will take away from your place no matter what type, make, and model you have.

Auto Transport Service

If you are moving to a new area, city or country and want a safe auto transport service, hire us. Vehicles are highly invested and more delicate machinery that need more proper attention. Whether you are moving from one place to another or not, they need complete maintenance and attention. A slight mistake or a wrong act will cause you more trouble.

The same thing is with hiring experts for the transportation of them. It is advisable to choose any firm to transfer vehicle fleets carefully. The entire process from packing to traveling needs experts and responsible agents. We are proud to say that we deliver incredible and safest vehicle transport service worldwide.

Our expertise and agents know how to complete any task correctly. We ensure that you will never get an inch of damage or loss after having our car transport assistance. Give us a call right now to get a free car transport quote!

Shipping Car Cost in Atlanta GA

The average marketing shipping car cost is around $1,290. It also varies according to the method you choose, number of vehicles, number of expertise, auto-size, and type—the cost charges are applied per mile.

So, distance is one of the significant factors that impact rates. Do not worry; dial a number, and our customer representative will educate you properly about the whole criteria and rates of car transport service.

Vehicle Transport Services

By Grace towing & Repair is one of Atlanta's best auto transport companies. We have been serving thousands of people for more than 20 years. What makes us unique from others is that we provide complete auto repair, maintenance, and tow truck services.

You can get our expertise throughout this city and transportation service all around the globe. Following are the methods of our car transport service:

  • By Aeroplan
  • By ship
  • By road

The cost price will vary according to the method you choose. We ensure that all these vehicle shipping methods in Atlanta, GA are safe and secure. The clients' needs categorize these. Suppose you own an automotive manufacturer business, then we will educate you about sea or airplane methods.

Otherwise, you can choose any option from three for private autos according to your budget and requirement. Do you want to ship a car direct in Atlanta, GA? Contact us today; we are ready to assist you.

Towing Services in Atlanta GA

Vehicle road accidents can occur uncertainly when you least expect them. When any accident or mishap occurs, car owners are never prepared to handle them. They have no required tools or other solutions except to call a towing service provider. We have a flatbed tow truck for those autos that become unworthy to rods due to collision or any severe damage.

Whether you are driving a bus, car, jeep, van, RV, or ride on a bike, you can call us in an emergency. Moreover, if you are moving to a new area of Atlanta or a new city, By Grace Towing & Repair experts are ready to deliver vehicle transport services.

Car Transport

The process of transporting vehicles is not an easy task. It is not like a simple towing service. It is entirely different from other roadside or tow truck services. In this procedure, we need high-quality equipment and special packing techniques to ensure a safe car transport journey. Only a reputable and best car shipping company ensures both the safety and security of your vehicle.

Our 50k employees are committed to finding you the best end-to-end car transport solutions. We can ship your valuables to your desired destination. We have a highly maintained vehicle fleet for relocation services, household moving, office moving services in Atlanta.

We have many other services that can add value to your personal and business needs before, during, and after the move. We have temperature-controlled vehicles, storage facilities, packing materials, lifting machines, or other equipment for road shipment. Contact us if you want efficient assistance of car transport interstate.

Best Car Shipping Company

Several car shipping companies are working in Atlanta, but we ensure that you will find us one of the most proficient and affordable partners for you. We offer top-quality services at reasonable rates because we aim to help people, not collect money.

This is the reason that we got fame tremendously in Georgia. Our passionate and qualified workers and our services make us successful and unique in this business. We want to mention our other services:

  • Full suite of roadside assistance (24 hours and seven days a week)
  • Flatbed tow truck service on roads (24 hours and seven days a week)
  • Car repair mechanic shops/garages
  • Mobile mechanic services
  • Transportation of vehicle interstate
  • Internationally transport automobiles

Contact us anytime when your vehicle is causing trouble and making road journeys unhealthy or unhappy. We will make your fleets run smoothly on roads.

Tow Car to Mechanic

Has your jeep been stop running due to any malfunction? Do you need a quick solution to get back on the road? We are ready to help you in all matters. Our trained tow truck drivers will lift the damaged vehicle and haul it to the mechanic shop. You can also hire our certified techs for repairing and tire change services.

Whether you choose our tech or want to go to the desired place, it is totally up to you by hiring our tow truck. Please make your choice and inform us. We will work according to it. The safety of automobiles is 100% guaranteed. We send workers to you know how to set and lift a car safely.

Choose us to get damage-free, super-fast, and affordable tow truck assistance. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to every client. Distance, time, and weather conditions never make us stop to assist you.


Services We Offer

Full-Service Agency

We are a full-service agency that supports customers in anything from old to unattractive car removal.

Professional Staff

Our tow truck drivers are certified, and we have professional dealers.

24-Hour Service

We will provide a 24-hour car removal pick-up service in College Park, GA, and nearby areas.


We have an exceptional team just for the completion of towing services. If your car ever stops working in the middle of the road, then get in touch with us immediately.

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I hired them to transport my car when I moved to another city. They are trustworthy to get any assistance.

Kevin Millers


They helped me to start the dead car. I liked their fast service solutions!

Lindsay Charles


I had a great experience with them. They know everything related to vehicles.

Shawn Greg


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