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You can rely on NY nightlife security for the best and efficient security services. Select us as we have trained qualified and professional bodyguards.

Personal Bodyguard Services

When you are a famous or VIP person, then hiring a security guard for your personal security becomes a crucial step. There are many haters of celebrities or famous persons so, if you want to be secure, then the best thing to do is to hire the best bodyguard agency that can offer you their best services. Almost every celebrity has a private bodyguard service always surrounding them when they get out from the security of their homes. There are many types of guards, and all of them are listed below:

  • Close Security Guards
  • Private Body Guards
  • Security Groups
  • Personal Protection Services

Close Security Guards

These are special guards which you can hire for yourself or your loved ones. They are, most of the time, marines. They are highly trained in combat and can protect you in every situation. They keep on your side and protect you. Their primary job is to be always with you. They follow you everywhere you go, and they will keep following you even if you stop them. Because this is what you hired them for. So, if you want such a private bodyguard service, then get in touch with us.

Private Body Guards

These are regular guards which you can hire for your home or yourself. They also always keep with you. The only difference between close guards and normal ones is that the close guard is more trained in combat and is more expensive. If you want a residential security or guard for your home or any loved one, then get in touch with us because we provide guards for your home and apartment security.

Security Groups

These are a group of highly trained personnel who can do anything to protect you. Most of the time, celebrities hire them because they are highly reliable. You will see them with VIPs as well. You can hire personal protection guards for your loved ones. So, if you want a group of people to protect you 24/7, get in touch with us.

Personal Protection Services

These are not just guards; they are highly trained combat specialists. Close protection services provide the client with a customized celebrity security vehicle and full-on security as well. Whenever you see people surrounding the president in the case of any mishap, they are personal protection groups. Their job is to protect the person even if they have to lose their life. They will protect you at all costs. So, if you want to hire such dedicated people for your security, then get in touch with us immediately.

Hire Personal Bodyguard

If you want to hire a personal guard for you or your loved ones, then get in touch with us. Most of the time, people hire these guards for their children whenever they have a security threat. They take care of your children and follow them where ever they go. They do not let the sight of your children lose. We provide complete close protection security in Brooklyn. So, get in touch with us immediately.

Private Security for Celebrities in Brooklyn

Suppose you are going to organize an event where celebrities are going to come and perform. Then there is a high chance that you will have to get proper guards for their security. You can hire guards for NY Nightlife Security. Our guards make sure that nothing goes wrong with the person they are protecting.

Personal Security Guards

Personal security guards are needed when organizing an event, and you need proper security for one person. You never know who is attending the party, and someone might try to harm one individual. So, the best thing to do I to get proper security for that individual. It is because they are coming as your guests, and you must provide them with proper security.

If you want a proper guard for security purposes, then get in touch with us. Our guards are highly trained, and they can do anything to protect their clients. So, get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to provide you with our services.

Bodyguard Companies

Many companies will be ready to provide you with this service, but there are two issues with them. First of all, they do not provide this service on a 24-hour basis, and secondly, their guards are not highly trained.

We provide our service 24/7, so if you are organizing an event at night, then you can hire us, or if the vent is for a whole day, then we can provide you with two guards with different shifts because one person can get fatigued and the security can be compromised. We have highly trained employees, so you will not have to worry about anything. Furthermore, our executive company provides luxury car services like Sedan, SUVs and Limo.

Cost Of Personal Security Guard

The private bodyguard cost in Brooklyn majorly depends on the company. If you hire an extensive and expensive security bodyguard, then the service price will be high. However, if you hire a cheap company, then the prices will be low. However, do not go for the cheap ones.

The reason is that most of the time, their guards are not appropriately trained, and they will not be able to protect you in any event. Secondly, they do not use the proper technique which is needed for this service. Most of those companies do not have wireless headsets, so the guard cannot communicate properly, which can cause some serious security threats.

We make sure to deliver the best service at the best prices. Because we care about our clients, if you want the best private bodyguards for hire at the most affordable prices, then get in touch with us immediately.


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Bodyguard Services

We will provide you with trained bodyguards for personal as well as private purposes.

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