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Auto Locksmith Service in Richfield MN

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Who We Are?

Discount Keys and Remotes

Discount Keys and Remotes is a top-notch company working with keys and locks for many years. We have highly qualified locksmiths that are experienced and skilled. Many other companies are working for this, but we are the best and reliable.

Auto Locksmith Service

Auto Locksmith Service in Richfield MN

Locking yourself out of your automobile is very inconvenient, unpleasant, and dangerous. It has the potential to ruin your day. Such situations cost you money that you don't want to spend. Call us for auto locksmith service in Richfield MN. We are very affordable. Naturally, you'll try to solve the problem yourself initially in the hopes of saving money. But it's not accurate. Our trained professionals will have completed extensive training and certification. They'll also have much experience dealing with all types of auto locks and keys.

Discount Keys and Remotes' automotive locksmith and commercial locksmith is well-trained and can provide you:

  • Lock Replacement
  • Installation
  • Key-Fob Replacement
  • Key Combination Changes
  • Ignition Repair
  • Rekeying Operation

Consider enlisting the help of our reputable workers. We have command in every kind of situation and problem. Don't search for "automotive locksmith near me" and call us.

Locksmith for Cars in Richfield MN

It's not a good idea to choose the first company you find on the internet; instead, conduct some research to avoid causing more harm to your vehicle than it's worth. You are primarily concerned with unlocking your locked automobile door; don't select the wrong company in a hurry. Our trained helpers will never let you down. If your car has a "smart lock," it will be difficult to open and require more advanced entry methods. Call us for having advanced locksmith services. Dealing with the unique set of keys that comes with buying a used car is an unavoidable possibility. From opening ignition locks to the car door lock, we are the best.

Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith in Richfield MN

Are your keys stuck in the car or the trunk, or have you just misplaced them? You've got many things to do instead of fixing them by yourself! Our workers will respond fast to your call, arrive on the scene quickly, and use their experience to quickly and effortlessly unlock your vehicle. It will save you time and money. Make contact with a local one immediately, so you'll know whom to call the next time you need one. Our cheap locksmith will get you covered by quality services. The distance between you and the service provider may be an essential factor to consider.

Hiring someone from another area isn't good, especially if you need your car fixed right immediately. Choose us as we provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nobody wants to be locked out of their car for the entire day. Call us if you have courses, work, or other essential errands to complete but get stuck. For worst scenarios, it is recommended not to waste time searching "mobile locksmith nearby" and call us.

Local Locksmith Service in Richfield MN

You should contact our local team member if you've been locked out of your home, automobile, or company. If you want to improve your home security, give us a call. But, with thousands of companies to choose from, how do you know which one is appropriate for you? Call us, and we'll let you know about our specialties.

Hire a Local Locksmith

When choosing anyone, it's best to go with a local company. There are various advantages to hiring a local one. First, you'll be able to reach them easily and quickly, especially if you have an emergency that necessitates their assistance. Aside from that, getting someone from a remote area can be expensive. You'll find us the best as a result of the search "locksmith near me cheap."

Car Locksmith Service

Car Locksmith Service in Richfield MN

Here are some of the main reasons to call us for a car locksmith service:

Rapid Resolution

Unless you are a specialist in auto locks, resolving the minor issue with your car locks or keys will likely take some time. Our auto-lock techs are experts who can rapidly diagnose the problem and re-enter your vehicle. We also have the instruments essential to fix the problem that does not risk your vehicle's safety and security.


If you can't get into or start your car because of a lock issue, you can call us. Calling our car key locksmith is the best option. They'll go to your car's location and take care of the problem right away. Our experts will answer all the queries.

Discount Locksmith in Richfield MN

You'll notice that going to an auto dealership is more expensive than hiring an automotive locksmith. A dealer's key replacement can cost twice or even three times as much as a locksmith. It is preferable to call us if you are short on funds. When you want to save money on the replacement, call us. You can put the money you save towards other vehicle maintenance. It is not okay to worry about how much does a locksmith cost? We are very affordable.

24 Hour Locksmith

24 Hour Locksmith in Richfield MN

We can quickly provide a 24-hour service because we are always active. You may contact us at any time of day, and they will arrive where you need them. It is especially crucial because car lock issues usually seem to occur when you least expect them. We'll be on your back at the most inconvenient times and locations. You don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere to get help. Give us a call, and our 24 hour locksmith will approach you.

You'll be in a state of panic if you're locked out of your automobile, especially if you're supposed to go somewhere essential. A kind, soothing, informative, and concise voice on the other end of the line is more than enough to calm the customer. It will not only relieve their worry, but it will also put them in a better mood during the emergency locksmith services.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services in Richfield MN

Keyless entry locks, control systems, window barring, and heavy window or door deadbolts are market security lock systems. Entrance and exit door components that have been damaged should be repaired or replaced. We can assist in repairing and replacing broken locks, hinges, and electric locking release mechanisms on doors and windows. We will assist clients with unlocking doors when they lose their keys or changing their combinations by replacing pins in locksets. Experts here can deal with master key systems for banks, power stations, industrial plants, warehouses, and commercial complexes.

Electric strikes and electronic security hardware are installed and repaired. We can help you to change the combination of the safe and doors locks. Our company can make keys out of code. You can call us to duplicate keys for apartments, shops, and department stores. When the combination to a safe is unknown, we can open the safe, change the combination, and fix the safe lock for you.


Services We Offer

Rekeying Services

Our company will provide you rekeying of all types of locks.

Lock Changing

We will provide you efficient services of lock changing.

Installation of Locks

Our locksmiths will provide you the best installation services.

Emergency Services

You can contact us in any emergency lockout. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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I was stranded alone at a barren road and call Discount Keys and Remotes. Workers helped me professionally.

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I was worried about car key duplication. And found Discount Keys and Remotes experienced.

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f you are in search of an auto locksmith, call Discount Keys and Remotes.

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