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We deliver unsurpassed car wrap service in Miami, FL, and decorative window film service in Wynwood, FL. We have covered all commercial and residential properties. We are top suppliers of a wide range of automotive wraps/tints in many colors, shapes, and graphic designs. You can also customize your desired vinyl sheet from our highly qualified designers.

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We are offering pocket-friendly window tinting and automotive wrap installation services.

Commercial Tinting

Choose us as your trusted partner to provide you commercial window tinting treatments for your buildings' glass.

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You can customize your selected digitally printed design on your wrap from our web and graphic designing experts.

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People are adopting this application to improve their vehicle's beauty and elegance. So, we trained our techs to provide efficient car wrap service.

Window Tint Installation in Coral Gables, FL

The investment in residential window film and expert window film installation is well worth it when it comes to tinting your house windows. You can safeguard your possessions while also increasing the energy efficiency of your house by tinting the windows. Finding appropriate services for window tint installation in Coral Gables, FL, is not easy. You may find many local companies providing you services for window tinting, but how can you ensure that they provide your quality work?

Many things have to be focused on before hiring a company for this service. Low-quality window films will not serve you for what you want. And if the worker betrays you by using low-quality window films, obviously they will cause problems after some time. In this case, you will have to face money loss. Rather than hiring any random worker for this, why not have a professional worker? We'll make sure of quality work search decorative window film service and give us a call.

Window Tint Installation Service in Coral Gables, FL

Ceramic Window Tint service Coral Gables FL

Ceramic tint is a very premium and best-performing option. Ceramic tint combines sophisticated ceramic technology with non-metal, Nano-hybrid carbon technology. With carbon hybrid tints, the inclusion of ceramic technology improves solar performance. Ceramic tint provides the most satisfactory protection for both you and the inside of your place. Providing a fresh look for the exterior and heat rejection and UV protection for the vehicle's inside. If we talk about cars, you want to keep your car cool in the summer; ceramic tint is the most satisfactory solution.

Cost of Ceramic Window Tinting:

Here are some of the main factors on which its price depends:

  • The Window's Size
  • Window Styles
  • The Number of Windows That Require Tinting
  • Warranty is Included in the Price
  • Classification of Window Tint

So, if you have a clear idea about these factors and are willing to get them installed, type window tint film Coral Gables FL or car wraps service in south miami and call us. We'll provide you with an estimate of the cost required for this.

Ceramic Window Tint service Coral Gables FL

Home Window Tinting Service in Coral Gables FL

They have different advantages, so picking the right product for your house is crucial. Choosing the appropriate tint or film for your windows is an investment in your house that will pay off for the rest of its life. Window tint for home Coral Gables, FL, is very popular. These are the following benefits of the installation of window films at your residence:


It's essential to protect your home's privacy and security. People outside the building will have a more challenging time seeing into your house if you darken your windows. People will peer through windows in search of alluring valuables or to see whether anyone is at home. Most light that strikes tinted windows reflects, giving a mirror-like appearance and blocking the interior view.

Increases Protection:

Security film can protect against intruders as well as natural catastrophes like storms, fires, and earthquakes. The security film will help keep the glass together for a more extended period, reducing the risk of damage. During a home invasion, the intruder would have to exert more effort to break the glass and gain entrance, giving you more time to respond and notify the authorities.

Exterior Appeal:

Window tinting is a cost-effective and straightforward method to add long-term value to your property. We must update paint colors, architectural styles, landscaping, and design components yearly. Tinting your windows gives protection and an attractive appearance that may endure for years with no upkeep. We deal with installation and can also provide services to remove window tint Coral, Gables, FL and decorative window film service.

Lacking quality window tint, or tint that is old and has begun to bubble and discolor, can, on the other hand, detract from the driving experience while also decreasing visibility out the windows. Whenever this occurs, it will require window tinting removal services to allow for the application of new tint or restore the window to a better state. Removing window tinting service Coral Gables FL and give us a call.

Home Window Tinting Service in Coral Gables FL

Window Tint Removal Service in Coral Gables FL

We are the best company to remove old tints from your window, and based on your area. A mobile professional may reach you at your house or workplace, saving you time and money. Here are some main reasons you have to call us for house window tint services in Coral Gables, FL and car window tint service. When the present window tint has discolored, begun bubbling away from the glass, has become hazy, or is obstructing vision, remove it.

Whether you're not sure, a window tint examination by our professionals will tell you whether your tint has to be removed or if it's safe to keep on the window. Our experts will also check the tint's VLT level to see whether it meets standards, and if it doesn't, the tint will have to be removed.

Window Tint Removal Service in Coral Gables FL

Window Tint Prices in Coral Gables FL

When we talk about vehicles, many companies are providing services for 30 window tint in Coral Gables, FL. Thirty percent window tint is a mild tint that is legal in virtually all states. It is Light Transmission (LT) value, which is the amount of light that can travel through tinted windows, determines the permissible tinting value of each automobile window. The window tinting regulation guarantees that tinted automobile windows transmit a low enough amount of light to allow for driver visibility.

Mirror Window Tint:

These are the best type of sun contron window films.With window film, you may create two-way mirrors that provide privacy during the day and at night. Two-way mirror film (sometimes known as one-way mirror film) is a type of window privacy film that filters 95% of light and provides the most seclusion. During the day, sunlight casts a glare on the mirror's surface, making it difficult for anyone to see within. If you are confused that they are worthy of installing or not, don't worry. Our professionals will guide you about each and everything related to mirror window films.
Because of the elevated level of reflection and transparency, which reflects ambient brightness from lights, street lamps, and city glow at night, the film nevertheless gives privacy. Search mirror window tint service in Coral Gables, FL, and contact us for the best quality one or two-way mirror films.

Window Tint Prices in Coral Gables FL


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