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Who We Are?


Mix locksmith provides residential and commercial keys and locksmith services. If you are looking for any kind of commercial and residential keys and locksmith services, then get in touch with us. We have professional and trained employees who can perform the procedure in no time. Our locksmiths are reliable and fast. They are trained in a very professional manner; they provide the best service in the minimum time frame. We provide our service to the whole of Florida, and we will be more than happy to help you out. If you want to get our service, then get in touch with us immediately. We also provide car lockout service, lock repair, door locks, drawer locks, and wireless car keys, etc.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Homestead FL

The locksmiths who work only for corporations, businesses, and enterprises are called commercial locksmiths. They are usually in contract with a company, but many provide residential and commercial services and don’t work on a contract basis. Most commercial locksmiths work with keyless entry systems, safes for banks, and key fob entry systems. These locksmiths are the most professional and highly trained ones because they will work for big companies. Suppose you have any problem with your office door lock. Your office desk drawer lock or any safe lock, then a commercial locksmith in Homestead FL is the person to call. We provide car key replacement service as well.

Mixlocksmith is a company that provides the best commercial locksmith service in town. We have highly trained and professional employees who can solve your problems in no time. We have trained them in such a way that they complete their work in the minimum time frame and with extreme precision. If you are looking for any commercial locksmith in Homestead FL or a person to install Schlage commercial locks on your doors, then get in touch with a Mixlocksmith. We will be more than happy to do business with you.

Commercial Locks Service in Homestead FL

Often, if someone needs to change the locks in their house, they have to choose from many locks then get to a company that provides the service and installation of those locks and is a considerable discomfort. So, Mixlocksmith has eliminated this problem for you. We provide commercial locks service in Homestead FL and door lock installation as well. We have highly trained and professional lock experts and locksmiths. Who can do all the work for you? You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about the locks. The locksmiths will visit your home. Explain the problem with previous locks and tell you which locks are the best for your needs and security. They are the best commercial lock and key experts. Our locksmiths are experts in every type of locks. They have seen it all and know their way around their job.

They will remove the old lock themselves, hand them over to you, and then install the new locks in the same place if they need to make some adjustment to the door or the wall to install the lock. Then they will make the changes by themselves. They are the absolute experts in their field. So, if you are looking for advice or help from these experts, then get in touch with Mixlocksmith immediately. We will make sure that your experience goes smoothly and seamlessly.

Commercial Door Lock Repair Service in Homestead FL

Commercial door locks are mostly very bulky, and strong locks. The most expensive locks in the industry are commercial locks, and the most costly locksmiths are commercial locksmiths. Mixlocksmith provides the best commercial door lock repair service in Homestead, FL. If the lock in your office gets stuck or is jammed for no reason, you don’t want to waste money on new locks. Then Mixlocksmith can help you out with this. Our professional locksmiths can repair any lock in the world. They have seen it all. If you want the lock repaired professionally, then get in touch with us immediately. We will make sure to give you a seamless experience. Pour locksmith will repair the lock, tell you the problem, and prevent it from happening again. The best part about our commercial door lock repair service in Homestead FL is that we provide the best service at minimum prices.

Most commercial locksmiths are pretty expensive and charge ridiculous amounts of money for a fairly mall repair. But we don’t do that. Our locksmiths will charge only the right amount, and it will be less than most locksmiths. If you want your office lock-in in Homestead FL to be repaired by us, then call Mixlocksmith immediately. We will be more than happy to work for you.

Office Door Lock Change in Homestead FL

Often you have repaired the door lock, but now it is just beyond repair, and you need to replace it with a new one. Before deciding what kind of lock you want the old one to replace with, call us. Our locksmith will tell you what was the problem due to which the previous lock kept breaking and what kind of locks you should use now to prevent the lock from breaking. We have trained professionals in this industry for a very long time and can tell the problem by looking at it.

So, get in touch with Mixlocksmith for the ultimate service of office door locks change in Homestead FL. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. It could be the wooden desk drawer lock, office lockset in the Homestead, or a locked desk drawer. Call Mixlocksmith. We assure you that your problem will be solved and you will be more than happy after the service. The best part is that the service does not cost a leg and an arm. We have great prices with excellent service.

Locked Desk Repair Service in Homestead FL

If you have locked your desk drawer and lost the key, then don’t panic. Just call Mixlocksmith. We have trained professionals who will open the lock for you in no time. We provide the best service for locked desk repair in Homestead, FL. We have trained and professional staff who will arrive at your office or business space in no time and open the drawer lock without causing any damage to the drawer or the locks themselves.


Services We Offer

Lock Repairing

We have experts who can repair any lock in the world, they have seen it all so that they can repair any lock they stumble upon.

Lock Changing

If you feel that you need to change locks at your place, then get in touch with mix locksmith. We provide the best and the quickest lock changing service.

Transponder Key

Transponder keys are the most secure car keys because they use a transponder and receiver to communicate with the car to check the authenticity of the key.

Car Lockout

We provide the best and the fastest car lockout services, if you are locked out of your car or house, then call a mic locksmith, and we will be at your place for help in no time.

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They open the drawer lock for me in no time.



They were very professional and explained the procedure to me as well.



They were in and out in just an hour and changed the door locks of the whole house.



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