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Magnet Locksmith provides the best keys and locksmith services in Texas. We have dealt with thousands of customers in our time frame. We deal with rekeying services, lockout services, digital keys, residential services, and commercial services. We have trained and professional staff who will be more than happy to assist you in your time of need. Our locksmiths are reliable and fast. They are trained to provide the best service in the minimum time frame. If you want to get our service, then get in touch with us immediately. We provide our service to the whole of Texas, and we will be more than happy to help you out. We don’t have any timings for residential services. We provide 24-hour residential locksmith service.

Minimum Prices

We care about your pocket as well as our service. That is why we provide the best services at the most budget-friendly prices.

Professional Staff

Our staff and technicians are highly professional and trained. They can perform the given task with extreme precision and quality.

Fast Service

We assure our customers that we provide the fastest service in town. Our locksmiths complete the given task in the minimum time frame possible.

High-Quality Equipment

We only use the latest and highest quality equipment to provide the highest quality keys to our customers. We make sure that our keys do not cause any problems for you in the near future.

Everyone has the right to be at their home safe and sound. These days locksmiths are not challenging to find. Search in accordance to your area, i.e., locksmith service in Katy, TX near me. Call us for professional assistance. We provide you facilities for rekeying, replacing the lock, maintaining security locks, and many more. We have highly qualified staff for this work.

With the advancement of technology, people tend to have advanced lock systems at their residences. For example

  • Electronic Locks
  • Biometric Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Locks
  • Manual Locks

Locksmith Service in Katy, TX

Rekeying is an essential process as it is money saving. If your key got damaged or stuck into the knob, your priority should be rekeying because replacing the whole lock will cost more money. Residential locksmith in Katy, TX  are very common and well known for services. Our company is best of all having best residential locksmith services. What if you lost your keys? Imagine some known person stole your keys. In this case, your security is in great danger.  You have to take locksmith services as soon as possible, search door lock change in Katy, TX. Door locks serve for security, and if they get damaged, you can no more feel safe at your home. We are here to take away your worry with our specialized residential locksmith services. Our cost of rekeying locks is very reasonable.

The more advanced lock, the more maintenance is needed. Suppose biometric lock of your main start causing trouble. You can’t handle this by yourself and have to consult with some expert services of door lock change in Katy, TX. It is not wise to try to fix these advanced locks by yourself. Because you may cause more damage, and the whole system may block. So, it’s worthy enough to contact us. If you are in Katy, TX, search smart lock rekey in Katy, TX. We will reach you and solve your problem. The cost of rekeying locks charged by our company is very affordable and easy to pay.

Rekeying Locks in Katy, TX

Residential lockout refers to locked in or out of your house without having any key to open the door. This situation becomes worse when you do not have anyone else to help you out. In such a case, you have a brilliant way to escape from this situation. Google residential lockout service in Katy, TX, and share your location.

We will reach you within no time and provides you expert services. Our locksmith, house lockout services are the best and reliable.

Residential Lockout in Katy, TX

You went into your room to pick something and left keys there and now locked out of your bedroom. A wave of worry comes into your head. Break room’s lock is a terrible idea. Why do so much damage when you have service of lockout rooms in Katy, TX? If I lock my bedroom, I will never try to open it myself. Rather than, I will search locksmith to help me when I am locked out of my room.

Similarly, if you are locked out of the front door, calls out a good locksmith because it is a matter of your front door’s security. You should not damage it because in this case, you will have to spend more money.

Lockout Rooms in Katy, TX

Lost house keys are not anything to keep calm on. You have to pay attention because these lost keys may be used by someone else later. If anything like this happens to you and you could not find keys, search locksmith services for lost house keys in Katy, TX. And make us a call. We are very reliable for this work.

We will send a professional team that is expert in dealing with all kinds of locks, so if you want to rekey or change the call. We are well known for change locks on houses in Katy, TX.

House Locksmith in Katy, TX


Lock Changing

If you ever feel like changing the locks at your place, then get in touch with us immediately. We provide the best and the fastest lock-changing keys and locksmith service.

Lock Repairing

Our locksmiths are so professional, experienced, and trained that they can repair any jammed, stuck, or broken lock. Magnet locksmith provides the best lock repairing service in Texas.

Broken Key Extraction

If you had ever broken a key inside the lock, then you know that t is almost impossible for an average person to pull the key out. we have trained staff who will do the process of broken key extraction on your lock.


In rekeying service, the lock is altered so that the old keys don’t open the lock, and a new key is made to perform the process of opening the lock. We can provide our customers with the best rekeying service.




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