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Gold keys locksmith provides the best and the fastest keys and locksmith service in Calabasas. The technicians at gold keys locksmith are highly trained and professional to take care of your expensive locks. We provide professional Broken key extraction, Car key replacement, Key duplication, Lock changing, Garage door lock service, Rekeying service, Safe locksmith service, Mailbox lock service, Lock repair service in Calabasas. Gold keys locksmith is the most reliable and recommended keys and locksmith service in the whole town. We will come to the assigned place as soon as possible, and we provide the fastest service possible.

Residential Locksmith Services in Woodland Hills

A residential locksmith is a locksmith who works only for homes and not for cars or offices. We have the best residential locksmith service in Woodland Hills. Other companies are also providing the same service, but the technician we have are the best. The lock keeps your homes secure and your families safe. It would be best if you never went cheap on a locksmith service. Woodland Hills is a hot area, so the locksmiths who work in this area work their hardest to provide the customers with the best keys and locksmith services.

The residential locksmith service works in such an away. You will call our customer service number and tell them what your emergency is. Whether you need a door lock change or ask about the cost of rekeying locks, it does not matter. The representative will guide you through the whole process, then the locksmith will appear at the doorstep if you want the service, and then he will fix the problem, and you are good to go.

Residential Lockout Service in Woodland Hills

Our company provides the service of the residential lockout service in Woodland Hills. So whenever someone is in a hurry, and they forgot the key inside the home and come outside and then remember that the key is inside then no worries, we got you, call our number and as for a residential lockout expert, the technician will immediately start its journey towards your house and in no time will be at your place, our professional and experienced locksmiths will open the door for you, the best part is that our technicians are trained in such a way that they will open the lock without damaging the lock or the door.

This thing proves our professionalism and expertise in the locksmith field we are provide more services key fob replacement service, commercial lock service. So if you need a locksmith, don’t waste time get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will be delighted to help you out. Our customer support number is mentioned on the contact us a form of the website.

Lockout Rooms Service in Woodland Hills

This is a service in which our technicians are experts. In the service of lockout rooms in Woodland Hills, we provide the best technician available to the faculty. In lockout room service, a person locks them out of a particular room of the house, its id different from house lockout because the locks used on the main doors of the home are other than the locks used in the doors of the house rooms on the inside. Our technicians are experts in every type of lock.

Our technicians are experts in every variety, whether it is a knob style lock, a handlebar lock, or a key lock. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the technician knows about the lock or not. If you locked yourself out of a room at your own home, call us as soon as possible, and after the service, please review us on google because we care about your experience and our customer service.

Locked Out of House Locksmith Cost in Woodland Hills

Nowadays, locksmiths are getting expensive, but we make sure to keep our prices as low as possible for the convenience of our customers. The cost of a residential locksmith depends on various factors. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Type of the Lock
  • Distance From the Shop

Type of the Lock:

The service cost depends on the type of the lock a lot because some locks are straightforward to unlock and take a couple of minutes, but some expensive locks can take up to an hour to open. So, the locksmith has to sit there, spend an hour trying to unlock the door, so it is worth it. And if you called a nonprofessional or non-expert, then you are doomed. Locksmiths have to spend a lot of time of their life learning how to unlock doors, so that’s why some locks are expensive to get opened, and some locks are cheap to get unlocked.

Distance From the Shop:

If you are in a remote area and have no locksmith nearby, you will have to call a locksmith from far away, and the locksmith has to spend more time and money to reach you and travel back because fuel is not free and is getting expensive day by day. That why the distance matters a lot in the price of getting a locksmith.

Rekeying Locks Service in Woodland Hills

A lot of companies are providing the service of rekeying locks service in Woodland Hills. And our company is one of them. The thing is that not a lot of companies have professional locksmiths and that not a lot of companies have fair prices Gold Keys Locksmiths make sure to provide our customer with the best technicians and our prices are also lower than other companies, we try to make sure that our customer gets the best rekeying services and in the best prices because we care about your experience with our company as a customer.


Services We Offer

Broken Key Extraction

We have trained professionals who will extract the broken key from the car's door or the house. They work in such a way that they will not put even e single scratch on the lock.

Lock Changing

Now is the best time to change the locks at your house. The burglaries are increasing, and we can help you out with the tedious process of changing the lock of your whole house.

Garage Door Lock Service

Garage doors are the weakest point of the house. Anyone can get into your home using any crowbar. So, it would be fantastic if you consider changing the locks of the garage door of the house.

Car Key Replacement

Sometimes you lose the key to your car. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to find. In this case, a gold keys locksmith is the best company to call. We have professional staff who will replace your car key so that you will not tell the difference by yourself.

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The prices for the services were very affordable and lesser than the usual rates in the market.

Kevin Millers


I had a situation of locked out the car this weekend, my wife called Locksmith and they show up very quickly!

Jake Warrens


The best lockout service in the whole town! Loved it, the locksmiths were very friendly.

Gina Coleman


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