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Gold keys locksmith provides the best and the fastest keys and locksmith service in Calabasas. The technicians at gold keys locksmith are highly trained and professional to take care of your expensive locks. We provide professional Broken key extraction, Car key replacement, Key duplication, Lock changing, Garage door lock service, Rekeying service, Safe locksmith service, Mailbox lock service, Lock repair service in Calabasas. Gold keys locksmith is the most reliable and recommended keys and locksmith service in the whole town. We will come to the assigned place as soon as possible, and we provide the fastest service possible.

Automotive Locksmith in CALABASAS

An automotive locksmith is an expert in locks of cars. The job of an automotive locksmith is to rekey car locks, lock changing df cars, etc. the automotive locksmith provided by the gold keys locksmith is professional and an expert in his work. Our automotive locksmith deals with cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc. If you lost your car keys, or the vehicle you bought came with only one key, and you want to get a new key for your car. Then we can help you with that. We can rekey the car key in the minimum time frame possible.

The keys provided by us are very of the customer's choice key fob replacement. If you want to get a new car key, then call us at your first convenience. We will send our best technician to the save, and they will try to help in the best possible way. Our car locksmiths are best in new cars because with increasing technology, the vehicles are more advanced, and to rekey a car or change the lock of a vehicle has become a more technical and challenging task.

Car Locksmith in Calabasas

There are a lot of companies who will provide a car locksmith in Calabasas for you. But a lot of the companies use old techniques to open new locks. This is not how it works as the technology is increasing. The new lock is being installed in the cars, and most of the cars now a day are coming without any physical keys. A lot of keys nowadays are wireless and connects to cars using Bluetooth. And a lot of vehicles nowadays open using mobile phones.

The technicians of other companies are not working with this technology, and they are not trained to work with this technology or these types of locks. But the technicians at gold keys locksmith are very much integrated with new technology. They are acquainted with new technology regularly. So, you can count on us with your expensive cars. We provide the best car locksmith service in Calabasas. So, please call us our best technician will get on its way as soon as possible.

Mobile Locksmith in Calabasas

You usually have to take your key to the locksmith's shop to get it rekeyed, or you have to carry your lock by yourself to get it fixed. But that, not the case either, gold keys locksmith. We have a mobile locksmith service. What is a mobile locksmith in Calabasas? in the mobile locksmith service, a wholly equipped locksmith will show at the door step. It will have Avery machinery possibly needed to do your work in his car. The locksmith is trained to do the job very professionally and in the minimum time frame possible.

A mobile locksmith is a service that you can need any time of the day, so that's why we provide a 24/7 mobile locksmith service. We are the local locksmith in calabash. So no matter where you are, you will always see our mobile locksmith nearby. So if you need a locksmith service, call us now, we will send our best mobile locksmith technician who will be very happy to help you.

Locksmith for Cars in Calabasas

There are a lot of locksmiths for cars in Calabasas. But we provide the best emergency locksmith service. What is an emergency locksmith service? Suppose there is a toddler, and it has locked itself in a room. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are afraid that the toddler is going to ham its self alone. He is crying as well. So, you will need to call an emergency locksmith in this case. No worries! We provide the best emergency locksmith in Calabasas.

You need to contact us, and our professional customer service agent will walk you through the process, and in the meantime, our locksmith will reach the house's doorstep. They are trained to do their job in the minimum time frame possible. So, they will unlock the room's door and no time, and you will be reunited with your child. We care about our customers, so that's why we have to most professional and highly trained technicians. We are provide more service key markers service.

24-Hour Locksmith Service in Calabasas

Gold keys locksmith provide 24-hour locksmith service in Calabasas. For example, suppose you are on a cross-state road trip. You stopped your car at a fuel station to buy some chips. The next thing you know is that you left your keys in the car, and now you are in the middle of nowhere, and there is no locksmith nearby to help you out, and it's late at night as well.

So you will understand the importance of 24-hour locksmith service. We have the best and the fastest 24-hour locksmith service. Our locksmiths are trained to do their one hundred percent to make sure that no scratch Is put on your car during the process. In addition, they will make sure that your car lock is usable after the unlocking process.


Services We Offer

Broken Key Extraction

We have trained professionals who will extract the broken key from the car's door or the house. They work in such a way that they will not put even e single scratch on the lock.

Lock Changing

Now is the best time to change the locks at your house. The burglaries are increasing, and we can help you out with the tedious process of changing the lock of your whole house.

Garage Door Lock Service

Garage doors are the weakest point of the house. Anyone can get into your home using any crowbar. So, it would be fantastic if you consider changing the locks of the garage door of the house.

Car Key Replacement

Sometimes you lose the key to your car. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to find. In this case, a gold keys locksmith is the best company to call. We have professional staff who will replace your car key so that you will not tell the difference by yourself.

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My office’s key lost somewhere and I needed to change my lock urgently, my colleague told my GOLD KEYS LOCKSMITH. The services were quick and I got another lock for my office.

William Kane


I misplaced the whole set of keys to my house, wasn’t being able to find it, my friend told me about GOLD KEYS LOCKSMITH, their locksmiths came and replaced all the locks.

Moss Rifflers


I got locked out of my car because my daughter forgot the keys inside it, In front of a mart, fortunately, I called GOLD KEYS LOCKSMITH and they unlocked the car.

Bruce John


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