Laundry Service in Davidson, NC

Wash and Fold

Who We Are?

Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold pride itself on its highly trained staff of laundry professionals to meet your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Whether you choose to bring your clothes to our locations or utilize our pickup and delivery service, your clothes will be returned to you neatly folded and handled with care to make laundry day as easy as possible. Contact us today for quality work!

Laundry Services

Laundry Services in Davidson, NC

Wash and Fold company is well prepared to do their part by providing the best laundry service in town. Our team is experienced in washing, drying, and folding all sorts of clothing, including comforters, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, uniforms, aprons, towels, etc. As professional and reliable laundry service providers, we have always provided the best service to our customers. Our garment care team is well trained for the sanitization and handling of clothing and other items. Our drivers and attendants regularly wash hands, wear protective gear, and sanitize our facility equipment, surfaces, and vehicles. We are trying our best to provide peace of mind and certainty during this uncertain time. We also provide a dry cleaning service in Davidson, NC. You can search best laundry services in Davidson, NC, online, and then select us for quality and fast work.

24 Hour Laundry Services

24 Hour Laundry Services in Davidson, NC

Our professionals are highly experienced in ensuring that your clothing items come back to you in the cleanest state possible. And when your order is complete, we'll notify you via call or email, so you know when to pick up your belongings. Our turn around time is just 24 hours mostly. We can also accommodate a same day laundry service in Davidson, NC, for a small fee. We are always there to provide you with 24 hour laundry service in Davidson, NC, no matter what time it is.

We feel pride in giving you the gift of time by taking the task of laundry off your to-do list. Drop off the clothes with us and free yourself to focus on the essential things of your life! Suppose you are busy getting ready for a trip. Let us take care of your wash. It will save your time, and we'll fold and carefully wrap your items, making them easy to pack. We'll be happy to help you clean up after your adventure. We take pride in providing the best dry cleaning service in Davidson, NC.

Smart Laundry Service

Smart Laundry Service in Davidson, NC

When your clothes arrive at our warehouse, they are stored on our elevated shelving units until they are ready to be washed. The clothes are tagged with your name and preferences when we pick them up, and those tags will move with your clothing from start to finish. Your clothing will always have this tag with it, whether it's waiting to be washed, in the washer, in the dryer, or ready to be sent back out. We never combine or wash your clothes with anyone else's, so your items are always kept separate from start to finish. We provide smart laundry in Davidson, NC

Once your clothing is set to be washed, we take it to a clean stainless steel table where we sort through your items and pre-spot any items you mark to be pre-treated. Only one person's laundry is allowed to be on the table at a time to ensure no mixing. Before washing them, we go through your items to ensure everything is separated; nothing is scrunched up like socks or pants that would prevent a good washing. We look for anything in the laundry that you shouldn't wash. All and all, we deliver the best laundry service in Davidson, NC.

Professional Laundry Services

Professional Laundry Services in Davidson, NC

Your laundry will be tagged and processed when it is received. If you have items you would like to be specially treated, please bag them separately with a note. Each client's order is washed separately and tagged throughout the process to ensure your belongings never get mixed with other orders. Your clothes will be washed and promptly folded to reduce wrinkling. Your laundry is returned neatly folded and professionally packaged for privacy and protection because we provide professional laundry services in Davidson, NC.

You can save money with our weekly or bi-weekly services, or you can enjoy the convenience of ordering as needed. Our rates are highly affordable, which makes us one of the best commercial laundries in Davidson, NC.

Why Choose Wash and Fold?

Why Choose Wash and Fold?

We should be your first choice for super laundry in Davidson, NC because for the following reasons:

  • CONVENIENCE- Order on-demand or get on a schedule. Pay by card or get invoiced. Do everything by phone or everything online. Whatever works for you works for us.
  • CUSTOMIZATION- Folded or hung? Tide or hypo-allergenic? Softener or no? Everyone's needs are different. We'll do your business' laundry precisely the way you want.
  • RELIABILITY- For decades, we've been the customer's top choice for all things laundry. Laundry issues cause unnecessary headaches and can impact productivity. Use us, and that won't happen.


Services We Offer

Fluff and Fold Laundry

We use only premium brand products for our Fluff and Fold.

Wash and Fold

Sorted by color, pre-treated for stains, pockets checked, washed, dried, and folded precisely the way you want it.

Dry Cleaning

We use eco-friendly technology to dry clean your clothes. No damage is done to your clothes during the process.

Commercial Laundry

We provide quality laundry for commercial businesses. We have advanced machines that give the best results.

What Client Say's


Quality of Work – The Best.  When you say you will be there, you are there – thank you.

Lindsay Charles


The quality of work was excellent.  I felt my clothes were new.  The option to pick up & deliver was really helpful for my variable schedule.

Kevin Smith


Extremely professional. Go out of their way to make things look great! They are very reasonable price-wise. I highly recommend them.

Jake Warrens


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