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Tow Truck

At Tow Truck, we promise to provide you with the best towing and roadside assistance services. We have managed to create a satisfied customer base with our dedicated towing services. We provide an extensive range of towing services, ranging from flatbed hauling to local and long-distance towing services. Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions or services you may require.

Towing Service

Towing Service in Concord, NC

We know that driving is a risky business, but we depend on our vehicles so much that we probably take them for granted. No one of us wants to be stuck with a car or motorcycle that won’t start or in a road accident that has damaged our vehicle. However, if something like this happens, you should call a tow truck company immediately.

We take pride in every service provider and motorist’s need as our towing services in Concord, NC, are closely monitored. We handle every vehicle as a top priority. When your car stops running, it can be a scary and uncertain moment. The first step is to call someone you can trust to get you and your vehicle to a safe location. Tow Truck will get right to you with quality artistry and reliable customer service. Our car towing in Concord, NC, also accounts for the care of your car.

Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Service in Concord, NC

We are the experts in heavy-duty towing of vehicles and large equipment. Our specialized tow trucks in Concord, NC, are capable of doing the most challenging jobs. We can easily tow your vehicle, bus, tractor-trailer, container, etc. Our professional and highly experienced towing technicians have delivered their best services in towing vehicles that have been damaged in accidents and collisions. Our main goal is concerned with safety and to ensure that no more damage is brought to your vehicle. We provide the safest and efficient city-wide towing in Concord, NC, when helping you during an emergency.

24-Hour Towing Service

24-Hour Towing Service in Concord, NC

Emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night, and that’s why our emergency services are available 24/7 throughout the year. Emergency tow requires immediate help. If your vehicle breaks down at 4:00 in the morning, you have no other choice to call a professional towing service. You have to call the nearest towing company that is open. We understand the very root of towing, that is, to help the car owners in any time of need. We are open 24/7 to provide you with the safest towing service. We will be available to provide quality towing in Concord, NC, no matter what type of vehicle.

Towing Company

Towing Company in Concord, NC

Tow Truck takes pride in providing the most affordable towing in Concord, NC. Our flatbed towing services are the best in the town. Flatbed towing is the most popular towing method because it offers safe and quality service. It has a hydraulic system that causes it to move up and down. The flatbed towing works best for heavy-duty vehicles and large equipment.

The best thing about flatbed towing service in Concord, NC is that the vehicle can be towed over a great distance. The vehicle is prevented from any damage and stress during transportation. We also deal with light and medium-duty towing; these refer to lightweight vehicles. We provide services such as lockout, jumpstarts, towing, and other emergency roadside services. If your vehicle is in an accident or runs out of gas, this is the service to call!

Motorcycle Towing Service

Motorcycle Towing Service in Concord, NC

Tow Truck has no limitations. We are highly capable of towing two-wheeled vehicles. We know that all vehicles, including bikes, can undergo problems. That’s why we have trained our technicians in towing all types of vehicles, including four and two-wheel vehicles. If your motorcycle leaves you stranded on the road, you should give us a call! You have to search tow truck near me and then select us for affordable and quality towing.

Motorcycle towing is a sensitive process. It requires much experience and a significant amount of care. This is why you should choose us as your motorcycle towing service in Concord, NC. We always strive to provide our clients with an excellent service, so they can know that they’ve gotten their money’s worth experience. Call us immediately in an emergency; our team will rush to your location as early as possible to fix whatever problem you might face and provide you the best towing service.


Services We Offer

Motorcycle Towing

We provide quick and efficient towing for all types of motorcycles.

Heavy Duty Towing

Our heavy-duty tow trucks enable us to serve you anytime and anywhere it may be.

Towing Service

No matter what type of vehicle you have or where you need to go, our towing fleet is ready and able to meet your needs.

Long Distance Towing

If you need your vehicle towed for a long-distance, you can trust our professional drivers and towing operators to take exceptional care of your vehicle.

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Great service by them. They are professional and always on time.

Tim Ben


They provide the best towing service in the town and the rates are easily affordable.

Jay Keller


I highly appreciate their nice and experienced team members. Towed my car very efficiently.

Austin Brown


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