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At Tow Truck, we promise to provide you with the best towing and roadside assistance services. We have managed to create a satisfied customer base with our dedicated towing services. We provide an extensive range of towing services, ranging from flatbed hauling to local and long-distance towing services. Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions or services you may require.

Heavy Duty Towing Service in Huntersville, NC

With our extensive fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks, we will go anywhere at any time to rescue your vehicle or any equipment. We understand that when one of your trucks is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. Our heavy-duty trucks can tow all kinds of large vehicles such as school buses, tractor-trailers, construction equipment, and even fire trucks. We provide the best tow service in Huntersville, NC, at the most affordable rates. After providing wrecker service in Huntersville, NC, Tow Truck knows the importance of getting our customer's trucks back on the road for decades.

Both the operators and the truck ensure your equipment or the truck is taken care of safely and as quickly as possible. We also provide emergency recovery, air cushion recovery, and pick up & storage of tractor-trailers. This and our ongoing relationships in the trucking industry have allowed us to become the best local towing service in Huntersville, NC. We take pride in ourselves in handling even the most challenging of recoveries. You have to search for heavy-duty towing near me and then select us.

Heavy Duty Wrecker service in Huntersville, NC

​Suppose you are on your way to an essential trip, but suddenly your vehicle breaks down and gets trapped. Are you in need of a heavy-duty towing service in Huntersville, NC? We got you covered! At Tow Truck, we can accommodate your truck or bus needs! Just call us, and we are sure to be on the road to rescue you as quickly as possible! We know you largely depend on your trucks, so here we are to the rescue if you need any help.

We understand how important it is to keep your business moving; therefore, it is also essential for us to serve your needs and exceed your expectations, and most importantly, earn your trust. At Tow Truck, we have high-quality equipment that helps us provide professional car towing services in Huntersville, NC. Our heavy-duty tow trucks enable us to help you anytime and anywhere it may be. We are determined to serve you in your best interests, and we are here to help you in the best ways possible.

Heavy Duty Towing Procedure in Huntersville, NC

We are experts at heavy vehicle towing. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment; Tow Truck is always geared up to complete the job. It doesn't matter if you need a rotator tow truck in Huntersville, NC, to extricate your truck from a deep ditch or carry heavy construction equipment. Give us a call if your bus or truck needs heavy-duty towing in Huntersville, NC.  Also, Tow Truck follows strict safety standards. We are thorough, fast, and procedural.

It doesn't matter if your vehicle has structural issues or if you need experts at load shifts or massive clean-ups. We have the skills and experience to extract your vehicle. We'll keep traffic moving while we balance a trailer load before we go in for the lift. We are your best option for the nearest towing company in Huntersville, NC.

24 Hour Towing Service in Huntersville, NC

We provide the best and top-of-the-line heavy wreckers handled by well-trained and professional truckers with years of experience carrying heavy equipment and vehicles on the road. We rely on the perfect combination of efficient machinery and experienced drivers to help our customers with flatbed towing in Huntersville, NC. We ensure you that no matter what the scale of the towing job is, we can easily handle it and do so at an affordable cost to our customers. We provide 24-hour towing service and affordable towing in Huntersville, NC.

We have a large fleet of heavy-duty towing trucks and equipment. Our heavy-duty can tow all kinds of large vehicles such as school buses, tractor-trailers, construction equipment, and even fire trucks. Whatever the heavy vehicle may be, if it needs to be towed or recovered, we can take care of it. We are always the first choice of customers for heavy-duty wreckers in Huntersville, NC.

Heavy Vehicle Towing Service in Huntersville, NC

Our robust and large-sized towing vehicles, along with the high-power lift technology, can get you out of the rut in no time, even in the most demanding situations. The tow trucks' strength and size create the most favorable solutions for heavy-duty wrecker towing. Effective heavy towing service requires experience and local knowledge to ensure your truck is towed safely along approved roadways and bridges.

To ensure the highest quality of customer service, we have dispatchers available to assist you 24/7 throughout the year. For all your heavy-duty towing in Huntersville, NC, we will provide you with reliable service you can trust at the most affordable rates.


Services We Offer

Motorcycle Towing

We provide quick and efficient towing for all types of motorcycles.

Heavy Duty Towing

Our heavy-duty tow trucks enable us to serve you anytime and anywhere it may be.

Towing Service

No matter what type of vehicle you have or where you need to go, our towing fleet is ready and able to meet your needs.

Long Distance Towing

If you need your vehicle towed for a long-distance, you can trust our professional drivers and towing operators to take exceptional care of your vehicle.

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They arrived very quickly and delivered satisfactory services in affordable rates.

Kelly Hudson


I’m really impressed how they towed my truck efficiently and carried it to the final destination safely and quickly.

Bobby Kevin


I highly recommend their towing services; they are professional and they know what to do. Huge appreciation for them!

Christian Loafers


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