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Land Pro Management LLC offers high-quality lawn care and landscaping services. If you want to improve your home's curb appeal and have a healthy-looking lawn, we can help.

Landscape Maintenance Service

Our landscape design services team will help you realize your vision of the perfect garden, whether you want to turn your backyard into a personal oasis of relaxation or you need general yardwork for your commercial property. No matter how big or small, your landscape provides opportunities to increase the market value of your house, build beautiful outdoor living spaces, and improve your quality of life at home and work. Call us now for landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH.

The team at landscape maintenance service in Sheffield OH, full-service lawn maintenance service in Sheffield OH company with many years of experience, takes pride in designing landscapes and gardens that look amazing and function beautifully for years to come.

Evergreen Lawn Care

Are you looking for lawn or landscape maintenance near me or a landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH? Materials, supplies, strategy, and trained, qualified commercial lawn care in Sheffield OH professionals all play a role in landscaping. We ensure that projects run smoothly and on budget, and we keep you updated on their progress. The final product is a lovely lawn or garden!

Lawn mowing, edging, landscaping, bed cleaning, shrub and tree trimming, raking, weed, pest control, and lawn fertilization are just a few of our lawn care facilities. We also have other facilities, such as total lawn care in Sheffield, OH, and we make every effort to satisfy our customers' special requests. If you live in the Sheffield, OH area, we'd be delighted to take care of your lawn! For landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH, call us at (440) 320-3637.

Quality Lawn Care

Looking for yard maintenance near me or landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH? We provide a wide range of skilled landscape maintenance services at reasonable rates to our customers. Our lawns are our pride and joy, and we strive to please. As if it were their turf, our new lawn care in Sheffield, OH experts would look after it as if it were their own. We value your company and want to ensure that you are fully pleased with the service you offer. Your house should have the best curb appeal on the block.

It's the responsibility of our landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH, to ensure it stays that way all year. We've taken care of countless lawns in the Sheffield, OH area, and we always leave them looking new and well-kept. Do you need someone to mow your lawn for you? Is it time for weed control for your garden? All of your floor maintenance in Sheffield, OHneeds can be met by us. Our skilled lawn care maintenance in Sheffield, OH, professionals will do everything possible to give you the lawn of your dreams. That's what makes us the best lawn care website in Sheffield, OH.

Residential Lawn Care

Are you looking for a pro lawn care in Sheffield OH/ landscape maintenance service in Sheffield OH to take care of your property? Sheffield, OH, and our lawn maintenance companies serve the surrounding areas. Our professional lawn care and maintenance in Sheffield OH technicians will work with you to ensure that your lawn is well maintained. Whatever your requirements are, we will accommodate them. Anything from lawn fertilization to simple weed control is available from us. We will assist you if you need dependable and cheap lawn care professionals. Call us now for yard maintenance costs.

Some of our customers only want a weekly lawn trim, while others require assistance with flower bed maintenance. When you hire us to take care of your lawn, we'll go over all of our services with you and figure out what you need and how we can help. We also provide these service gutter repair service.

Landscape & Lawn Maintenance Cost

Our landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH, believes that a master plan is essential for a successful landscape installation. Our concept plans consider your technical requirements as well as your style preferences. Call us for landscape maintenance service in Sheffield, OH. Our designers can accommodate crucial factors like utility lines, gradients, and drainage by drafting an architectural rendering, allowing you to see how the landscape will look once the work is finished.

Once your custom design is complete, our landscaping experts and cutting-edge equipment can turn your garden in no time, giving you the results, you want at a price you can afford. To know the cost estimation of lawn care and landscaping, call us at (440) 320-3637.


Services We Offer


No matter how large or small, your landscape provides opportunities to increase the market value of your home.

Garden Maintenance

We help you create a vision of a beautiful garden and ensure that it lasts, which is difficult in the hot environment!

Hedge and Tree Pruning

Taking care of your yard's trees, shrubs, and bushes during peak growing season and off-peak winter months is important for a well-kept, flourishing lawn.

Lawn Care

Whatever your requirements are, we will accommodate them. Anything from lawn fertilization to simple weed control is available from us. We will assist you if you need dependable lawn care professionals.

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You did a fantastic job in our yard. I appreciate the helpful staff and additional advice you provided.

Eddie Wilson


Land Pro Management handles our company's landscaping. Excellent work at a reasonable price. Thank you for your assistance!

Tim Ben


The crew is very hardworking and did a good job. Inexpensive as well. Every week, I have my lawn mowed. My yard is getting better, and I'm starting to get compliments on it.

Paul Milson


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