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We are dedicated to providing a wide selection of modern, conventional, and classic renovation and construction alternatives to our clients. We help in making the process of building your dream space as simple as possible. Faros Construction Services takes the burden and hassle of designing and building your dream space with our broad range of high-quality products and exceptional service. It's all about making things easier for you.

Masonry & Concrete Service in Littleton CO

Masonry & Concrete are building materials used in the construction industry due to their durability, resistance to fire, and ability to withstand impacts. At Faros construction service, we provide masonry and concrete service in Littleton CO and the surrounding neighborhoods. We have highly trained professionals who make sure that nothing goes wrong during the construction of a project in the construction process. The masonry blocks are placed on top of one another and side by side, creating a wall, but they cannot even hold their weight without an essential ingredient called Concrete.

The concrete works as a binding agent, like a glue to hold together all of the blocks together. The structure gains its integrity from it. There are a lot of companies who are providing masonry concrete in Littleton CO. And we are one of them. But there are a couple of things that set us apart from all of the companies. First of all, our employees are very professional and highly trained it is very unlikely for them to mess up something during the construction process. The second thing is that we only use quality materials. It is essential to use quality materials during a construction process because f you don’t, the structure is unpredictable and can kiss the ground at any moment. But if you use quality products, then with the help of a bit of experience, the structure is going nowhere for a couple of decades.

Concrete Block Masonry in Littleton CO

There are two types of concrete block used for concrete block masonry in Littleton CO.

  • Hollow
  • Solid


The hollow ones are used because they are lightweight and distribute the weight evenly among all of the joints, and you can fill the blocks with Concrete as well for extra integrity. No dressing is needed for these blocks, and no plaster is required.


On the other hand, the solid blocks are heavy, but they can bear more weight and stress. They don’t spread the weight evenly because they are not perfect and sometimes can have some imperfections. You have to dress them during construction, and plaster is needed afterward. The Faros construction services we have all types of concrete block masonry in Littleton CO. Moreover, our professional and trained builder is highly experienced, so they know how to handle every situation and complete the work with nothing other than perfection.

Masonry and Concrete in Littleton CO

If there is anything that you need to get done, like. Sidewalk construction, patio construction, or driveway construction, then Faros construction services will be more than happy to help you out with masonry and Concrete in Littleton CO. If you want to touch with us, just google and type Concrete and masonry near me. We will appear at the very top and call us from there. We are always ready to help people. We have all types of Concrete and brick material. If you have any preferences, tell us, and we will ensure that your requirements are met. We also have decorative cmu blocks. Such block is in high demand because of their designs. They make the wall look more attractive without spending any extra money on decorations.

Concrete Block Laying in Littleton CO

There are two methods for concrete block laying in Littleton, CO. The first one is to set a brick, apply some cement on top, and then lay the second brick. It is called a brick sandwich. In this technique, the wall needs dressing afterward, and this technique can only be performed with solid blocks. This technique adds extra man-hours, and the overall work is messier. The second technique is to use decorative masonry blocks. In this technique, the blocks are placed on top of the other, and at the end, the Concrete is filled in between the block and left to dry. The wall becomes solid, and no extra work or decoration is required. This method is the best and is commonly used nowadays.

Architectural Concrete Block in Littleton CO

At Faros Construction Services, we also provide architectural concrete blocks in Littleton CO and surrounding areas. The architectural blocks are better because they have a texture on the outer side of the block. The block feels like solid rock, and it gives a certain feel to the place where it is placed. The best part is that the price is not too much. So due to its cost-effectiveness, more and more people are going for the architectural concrete block in Littleton CO. instead of cement and brick in little CO.


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Using our masonry services, you may transform your brick, cinder block, stone, or stucco project into the vision of your desires.

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From the most basic and functional designs to high-end custom kitchens with all the bells and whistles, with us, there's something for everyone.


Faros Construction Services has many years of landscaping experience. We can assist you with your projects in a professional and skilled manner.

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Let our specialized team assist you with your next bathroom project, whether it's a small and functional powder room or a soothing, spa-inspired master bathroom suite.

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