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Performance Auto Group is a one-stop store for automotive electronics, vehicle accessories, audio and video system, car/boat stereo, and window tinting. We attempt to provide friendly, helpful service to our valued customers in a comfortable setting, which is one of the important traits we strive to achieve at our shop.

Window Tinting in Wesley Chapel FL

House window tinting is the most proficient way to protect your glass windows and partitions from shattering. It also has many benefits which cause their popularity among the people. The thin layer of thermoplastic polyester can protect humans from dangerous UV rays and prevent furniture from color fading. You can effortlessly find a variety of window tint films in the market in different shades, shapes, and colors. However, sometimes it is a bit onerous to choose the best and suitable type of glass film for your spaces. That is why Performance Auto Group's s entire crew and technicians are here to educate you about this efficacious application. Keep learning this article to know about our products and services. After visiting our official website, you can choose the most suitable tint for your home and vehicles. Let us jump into it.

Mobile Window Tinting in Wesley Chapel FL

If you want to protect your fleets from dust, scratches, storm vandalism, and other damages, then nothing is better than mobile window tinting. You can save your auto's glass from shattering in an accident which reduces the chances of injuries. These films protect you 99% from infrared or UV rays. It reduces heat and glare up to 95 %. So, if you are looking for a tint near me, choose us as your trusted partners. We are here to provide you with 24/7 fast and efficient window film service in Wesley Chapel FL. Give us a call right now!

Window Film Service in Wesley Chapel FL

Performance Auto Group firm is providing pre-eminent services in residential, commercial, and automotive window tinting. If you are frustrated about not finding a trustworthy partner for you, then stop right here. We are a reliable and insured organization that makes, installs, and sells top-quality window tint film for you. Our expert advisors will guide you about what type of tints is best for you according to your requirements and budget. Here we are going to mention three significant categories of glass tints:

  1. Privacy films
  2. Safety and security
  3. Decorative tints

These categories are further divided according to the need of people all around the world. Some want to purchase tints to protect their windows from shattering and from UV rays; some want to install them into their private spaces to increase the beauty of the house. Contact us if you want to know more about this application. We will be happy to help you. You can also check our profile to know about its types which help you a lot to choose.

Car Window Tinting in Wesley Chapel FL

Vehicles are one of the most significant investments in your life. Every car owner wants to protect his auto's leather upholstery from fading due to sharp sun rays. So, if you want it too, then instead of typing car window tinting near me, call us. No one can compete with us in this industry. You will find a plethora of excellent and beautiful car wraps, shiny, and mate glass window films that make your jalopy new or mesmerizing to others. Our pro techs cut them into any size or shape and skillfully install them on your auto's glass. The techs can turn your old or scratched white car into a dark glossy red wrap in a matter of minutes. You will feel that you are sitting in a brand-new auto motor. You just have to tell us about your requirement, and we will show you top-notch quality polyester coated sheets for you fleets!

Privacy Window Film in Wesley Chapel FL

Privacy window film in Wesley Chapel, FL is one of the most demanded coated sheets among the consumers. You can install this sheet at both residential and automotive glass windows. There are many types of this film available in the market with different vital benefits. You can purchase it according to your taste. If you want to block the view and allow light to come in, choose a frosted tint for you. Some other types entirely block both view and light. These are known as a higher level of privacy tint used at sensitive official places and cars. It is also known as blackout window film. Many home and office owners like to install them in their spaces. You will choose decorative window tints for your homes in different brands, for example:

  • 35 window tint3M window tint.

Frosted films, textured, perforated vinyl films, custom decorative & graphic tints, architectural, and dyed films are the example of it. These are available in eye-catching colors, grades, and patterns. Many people use beautiful pastel-colored frost films in their bathrooms and hall partitions.

Ceramic Window Tint in Wesley Chapel FL

Ceramic tints are one of the most excellent solutions to protect your home and family from hazardous sun rays. Sunlight is the source of skin cancer. We must save ourselves from it. So, if your residence has a lot of glass windows, partitions, and doors, then you must go for it. We feel that you are thinking right now about the making of ceramic tint. It is a non-metal or undyed product that does not conduct. It is made of ceramic-based nanoparticles.

You cannot see this with your eyes. It means you have a prominent window film, allowing a greater level of visibility both during the day and night. This type of coating is a little bit expensive due to its more durability and toughness than other types. It also protects your glass from severe shattering. That is why it is suitable to protect your homes and cars' glass windows from a heavy storm, vandalism, and severe accidental damages.

One Way Window Film in Wesley Chapel FL

If you want to create a one-way mirror effect, then choose a one-way window film for your home. It allows you to see outside, but no one can see inside your home from your windows and other partition glass. People on the outside will only see a mirror finish.

It gives a higher level of privacy in the daytime. You can apply it to ground floor windows, patio doors, and bathrooms. It will allow you to remove curtains from glass and let the natural light come in. You can also install tow-way or reflective window film, which gives you privacy both day and night.

Home Window Tinting in Wesley Chapel FL

Residential window tinting gives a lot of benefits to your life. This application can improve your lifestyle and many other factors, which are listed below:


Tints can maintain a temperature in both the summer and winter seasons. A thick layer of thermoplastic polymer resin reduces heat and cold to enter the house. It keeps the temperature regular in summers which saves money by reducing energy consumption. It also keeps your vehicle at average temperature, so you can save fuel by turning off your air conditioner. If you install films at your home glass, you don't have to purchase new curtains and blinds to cover up your windows and doors.

UV Rays Protection

It saves furniture, rugs, carpets, and leather upholstery from sunlight which causes color fading.

Reduce Glare

When you are sitting in your lounge and watching TV, these tints will protect you from glare. You can easily play video games and watch TV shows in the daytime without curtains.


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It's all in the name, after all! It's no secret what we do at our window tinting shop. We carefully install incredible window films.

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On the water, there's a fantastic sound! The marine audio system design professionals at our shop know just how to design and install an audio system.

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Performance Auto Group is where the incredible sound begins! We are the leading experts in the design and installation of high-quality automobile audio systems.

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Accessorize your vehicle in a fashionable way! The way you use and love your auto is reflected in its appearance. Allow our specialists to show you what you can do with your auto.

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