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Window Film Installation in Brandon FL

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Who We Are?

Performance Auto Group

Performance Auto Group is a one-stop store for automotive electronics, vehicle accessories, audio and video system, car/boat stereo, and window tinting. We attempt to provide friendly, helpful service to our valued customers in a comfortable setting, which is one of the important traits we strive to achieve at our shop.

Window Film Installation Service

Window Film Installation Service in Brandon FL

Understanding the many varieties of window film available today is the first step in carefully choosing the tinted windshield options. There are two types of window filming for buildings and car windows: non-reflective film and metalized film. We also provide car radio installation service in Wesley Chapel FL

Compared to metalized sheets that reflected energy from the sun, colored films are less effective in preventing heat from the sun's absorption. Metalized films block the light, preventing it from harming and scorching the vehicle's interior while also providing privacy.

Home Window Film Installation Service

Home Window Film Installation Service in Brandon FL

Window film installation is effort demanding work. Either you have to be professional, or it's better to call a professional. You can easily find many videos and articles on how to install these films. It is a fact that it looks easy when we see it, but the reality is the opposite. You may have to face many problems during installation. You can find difficulty while exact measurement, cutting, and application. Why not have low-rate services? You don't have to put effort. Grab your phone and type window film installers near me and call us. We will provide you, professional workers for perfect installation.

Following are the reasons that why you should call us for installing window tint in Brandon, FL:

  • Professional Installers
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Customer Satisfaction

Professional Installers:

Installation can take more time than usual if you are not an expert. Contact us, and our experts will provide you efficient services. We have highly skilled installers. Call us, and they will provide you high-quality services. Once you call us, you can be tension-free. Whether it's about measurements, cutting, or application, leave it all to us. All you have to do is sit back and watch us doing this work.


Our company is top-rated for installation on window film service. We offer our products and services at a market rate. You will not have to bargain with us. People rely on us for quality work. If you go into the market or even search online, you'll know rates. It is acceptable that you have to pay a good enough amount for a quality product. But, when it comes to installation, we will charge very little. You will not find any other company for window film installation in Brandon, FL, reasonable than us.

Window Security Film Installation

Window Security Film Installation in Brandon FL

Are you running a store and fed up with the passengers staring inside your workplace. Luckily you have got us to resolve this issue. You can find a wide range of security films at our place. We are dealing with high-quality films. We are always here to serve you best. Place your order for window security film installation in Brandon FL.

Why Install Security Films?

Security is the primary concern for almost everyone. Understandably, you can build a place without windows. It will block sunlight completely. For maintaining a healthy working environment, windows play a beneficial role. It is indeed very beneficial to install security films. If you are worried about invaders or passengers, call us. We will make your place safe by installation on such films. Following are some reasons that why it is worthy of installing private films:

  • It'll maximize your security by blocking the inner view completely.
  • These films will not block sunlight, and it is of significant importance.
  • While running a store, these films will add elegance to the outer view of the building.

3m Window Film Installers

3m Window Film Installers in Brandon FL

You have heard about these films many times. While discussing different types of films, we can't neglect 3m window films. They serve best for many purposes. Whether it's about vehicles or building, they serve best. You may be worried about sudden climate changes. But you'll not have to worry anymore. 3m window film installers in Brandon FL, are very beneficial. It saves your windows from scratches or even breaking when something hits from outside. Another primary reason for installing this is safe from thieves. If you are alone at home and unluckily someone tries to enter. This invader will face difficulty in entering because of strengthening window film. And during this, you'll have time to ask for help.

Is UV Window Film Installation Beneficial?

Ultraviolet radiation can be hazardous for you. UV rays, when they hit any surface directly, will lead you to many disadvantages. If we talk about ourselves, it'll lead to many skin problems. You are also prone to have eye infections after being exposed to such rays directly. They are equally hazardous for non-living things. When these rays hit anything like furniture, it'll last a negative effect. Your furniture will start fading. It's better to install sun-blocking window film at your windows that are in direct contact with heat. Type of window film installation in Brandon, FL, and contact us. We'll provide you top quality sunlight blocking films in very few amounts.

Film Installation Service

Film Installation Service in Brandon FL

It is never too late to have services for installing window films. We are a reliable company for window tinting and film installation. Many companies are charging a considerable amount for installation services. That can be a burden to your pocket. Call us for having an accurate estimate of the cost and variety of window films.

Before calling any company for installation services, you should be aware of these facts:

  • Type Of Window Film
  • Price Structure
  • Company You're Hiring

Type of Window Film:

We are providing services for almost all kinds of window films. From security films to decorative and from privacy to sun-blocking films, we're dealing with all. You should have to finalize the type of films you need before calling. But, if you are confused and want guidance, we can provide you. Type solar film installation in Brandon FL, and call us.

Price Structure:

We'll provide you complete information about the cost required for installation. You should be aware of the fact that price depends on various factors such as:

  • Type of Film
  • Size of The Window


Services We Offer

Auto Window Tinting

It's all in the name, after all! It's no secret what we do at our window tinting shop. We carefully install incredible window films.

Marine Audio Installation

On the water, there's a fantastic sound! The marine audio system design professionals at our shop know just how to design and install an audio system.

Car Audio Installation

Performance Auto Group is where the incredible sound begins! We are the leading experts in the design and installation of high-quality automobile audio systems.

Automobile Accessories

Accessorize your vehicle in a fashionable way! The way you use and love your auto is reflected in its appearance. Allow our specialists to show you what you can do with your auto.

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