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Who We Are?

Performance Auto Group

Established in 2002. Our history began in 2004 working out of a Nissan and rapidly growing to be the best and most respected in the area. By delivering the best services with professional and high-quality installation at a competitive price, we are pleased to have been chosen and trusted to protect and accessorize thousands of vehicles as well as securing many homes and businesses with our window films.

Car Window Tinting Service in Wesley Chapel FL

Cars have become the second homes for today's buyers. Our car window tinting in Wesley Chapel FL invests more time in the vehicles and maintaining them for longer than ever before. Whether it's an economy vehicle, a family sedan, a sports coupe, or an SUV, and incidents are often inevitable, our window tinting near me services have got you covered.

Automobile suppliers are still rushing to release the new and best items to make cars more appealing and safer. Security sealing the vehicle's windows with ceramic window tint mounted by a specialist is one of the most effective ways to add improvement, maximize convenience, increase internal security, and shield all occupants from injuries due to flying glass. Call us now for window tinting prices in Wesley Chapel FL.

High-Quality Car Tint Service in Wesley Chapel FL

The film, which is made with potent ultraviolet inhibitors, virtually refuses all ultra-violet radiation, gives passengers "sunscreen-like" protection when the vehicle trim/fabric is less likely to fade. All passengers are less likely to be exposed to cancer-causing and sun-burn-causing rays. Our car window tinting services aim to have the best customer experience possible. 

With ultra-strong mounting adhesives and a special scratch-resistant coating, our car window tinting in Wesley Chapel FL company only sells the most delicate items, which can look better, run longer, work even harder, and last longer. Take a look at the next time you're driving! You'll most certainly find a purple, bubbled film peeling away from the bottle. Call us for cheap window tinting services near me or car stereo installation service in Tampa FL.

Best Window Tint Company in Wesley Chapel FL

A vehicle with tinted windows has a certain sleekness about it that draws notice. With our car window tinting service in Wesley Chapel FL, you can enhance the look of your vehicle. Rather than depending on store-bought tinting kits or obscure tinting experts, trust our mobile window tinting in Wesley Chapel FL. Since we've been doing this for more than 14 years, we know how to tint car windows properly.

Pro tint service in Wesley Chapel FL gives your car an elegant, trendy, and attractive appearance. Simultaneously, they lower the temperature inside the engine. Beat the sun and make your vehicle more attractive. Our pro tinting services in Wesley Chapel FL, use specific computer-cut tint and state of the art types of window tint equipment to ensure a seamless match and an eye-catching journey. We also offer pro custom window tinting and pre-cut window tint in Wesley Chapel FL.

Window Tint Cost in Wesley Chapel FL

Car window tinting in Wesley Chapel FL can help regulate the sun, but let's face it: it's not ideal. It's the one-of-a-kind style you're aiming for. What color or hue are you looking for? Our car window tinting services tint your windows to your exact specifications, as well as the make and model of your car. Our tint pros window tinting service installs all shades and finishes that fit your style, from black, blue, and red to gold, bronze, and chrome. Why not plan a car wash, wax, or full description while you're here at our tint shops in Wesley Chapel FL?

Depending on the specifications, car window tinting services have a range of solutions. Your vehicle will have showroom charm when we're done with it, and you'll be able to show it off everywhere. Ask for our packages if you want to go all out on your detailing. Since it was made from inferior raw materials, the most low-cost film cannot survive the elements. Peeling the flawed film off and reinstalling a quality product would save those buyers much money in the long run. So, don't be tempted to see the less expensive show. Call us now for car window tinting cost.

Ceramic Tint Cost in Wesley Chapel FL

Are you contemplating tinting the windows of your car? Let us help you choose the ideal 3M window tint/ 5 window tint/ windshield tint for your vehicle, regardless of its make or model. Did you know that cheap window tinting in Wesley Chapel FL will help reduce eye strain, remove fading and cracking of your upholstery, and enhance vision and safety? 

Glass tint not only increases the visibility of the car but also preserves it. We have the best tint on the market at car window tinting company in Wesley Chapel FL. Our professional window tinting experts will stain the back window in one piece and the side windows to the very top of the glass, resulting in a smooth appearance. We are secure in the work we do, so our tint is backed by a lifetime warranty at our auto window tinting company. We also offer a service for removing window tint in Wesley Chapel FLCall us for automotive window tinting service cost.


Services We Offer

All Car Brands Tinting

We cover cars of all brands, our range of pre-cut window tints is not limited to a specific model.

Custom Window Tints

Our amenities include high-quality custom window tints of your choice with an installation facility.

Van Tinting

Whether it is a tint decal you need or a white tint film for your van, no problem! We have all.

Perforated Window Tinting

The team likewise facilitates perforated window tints with plain or custom graphics/decals.

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Took 2 hours for 5 windows to be tinted. Really nice employees and always got your back.

John Franklin


Tinted my car a month ago here and their price is by far the best!

Yeoh Ellen


The quality and service are good! I would recommend it!

Michael Brown


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