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Performance Auto Group

Performance Auto Group is a one-stop store for automotive electronics, vehicle accessories, audio and video system, car/boat stereo, and window tinting. We attempt to provide friendly, helpful service to our valued customers in a comfortable setting, which is one of the important traits we strive to achieve at our shop.

Car Audio Specialists in Wesley Chapel FL

It is worthy of investing in high-quality technological systems for such vehicles. As a team of audio experts, we can provide top-rated car audio specialists in Wesley Chapel FL. We will install a wide selection of vehicle sound and navigation systems. We take pleasure in being able to source just about any automobile sound or navigation system, as well as parts, after more than many years in the industry. All fittings are on-site and can be mobile, ensuring that we are available to everyone during the entire procedure. As surprising as it may sound, finding car audio specialists to work on an automobile or truck is not always easy. We will tell about the difference between hiring someone to execute a job and hiring a true mobile electronics expert. Call us.

Best Car Amp Installation

What would a professional car amp Installation do in this situation? The electrical connections between the wire harness adapter and the radio significantly impact the upgrade's reliability. Some people join the wires by twisting them together and taping them together. Some people will use crimp caps or butt connectors. Before soldering and covering the connection with electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing, some will twist the wires using a mesh splice or a Western Union splice. To lessen the likelihood of buzzes or rattles in the dash, we may finish it professionally. So, it may not cause any trouble.

Car Sound Installation in Wesley Chapel FL

Working on electrical systems in modern automobiles is not the same as it was many years ago. New vehicles now use data communication networks such as the CAN bus to manage modules and sensors throughout the vehicle. One misstep with a voltmeter or the use of the incorrect sort of test probe can easily result in lasting and costly damage to the vehicle's computers. No request is too complex or challenging for us to handle; we have developed our strong reputation over several years by converting challenges into opportunities for acoustic excellence.

Car Audio Shop in Wesley Chapel FL

Our customers can rely on us to accomplish any installation, upgrade, or repair with precision and experience. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to do the task correctly. Even though we specialize in high-end vehicles, every vehicle receives the same degree of attention and respect.

Any automobile sound system would be incomplete without a stereo. Hire our professionals for any car audio installation. It is also known as a radio, receiver, or head unit. It is good to conceive of in-dash radio as having three different pieces to understand how it works.

Car Radio Installers in Wesley Chapel FL

Whether people want the most up-to-date vehicle radio, integrate an iPhone or smartphone into a factory system, or want a remote start in a vehicle, our professionals are the ideal choice for the job. If anyone owns an Android smartphone, it should fix an Android Auto stereo in a vehicle. This incredible technology allows linking an Android to the van sound system. It will allow drivers to utilize their favorite apps safely while driving. We have skilled staff for perfect stereo installation. It means drivers can listen to music, make phone calls, get directions, send and receive text messages, and so much more!

It will require a new stereo to achieve a more robust sound. Not only is it substantially louder, but it also creates cleaner, more prosperous, and more detailed sound thanks to the built-in power and more modern circuits. The preamp section's improved tone controls give them more flexibility over fine-tuning the sound. Auxiliary inputs, USB connections, and audio/video outputs on aftermarket stereos allow anyone to expand the system. It will work by attaching portable music players, back seat video screens, external amplifiers wiring kits, and powered subwoofers. Do not waste time searching "stereo places near me." Give us a call.

Custom Car Stereo in Wesley Chapel FL

We can install industry-leading brands in sound, video, and GPS navigation. Our professional and dependable experts will expertly outfit the vehicle according to the needs. We are proud of our work, and it shows in every job we undertake.

Whether anyone is searching for a modest modification or a full-blown competitive system, we have everyone covered from mild to wild. some customized features of the Vehicle System are as follows:

  • Custom Audio and Video Systems
  • Control Options for Smartphone Apps
  • Facilities with Professional Equipment
  • Expert auto stereo installation by Professionals

Stereo Shop in Wesley Chapel FL

Because of the superior technology that modern receivers provide, many people have chosen to improve their stereo. If anyone is tired of finding reliable car stereo shops, contact us. With our expert services, stereos can improve the appeal of a car's interior. It is the best place to get stereo installed. We are working with:

  • Audio & Video Systems
  • iPod & Bluetooth
  • Custom Designs
  • GPS Navigation & Tracking
  • Safety Systems
  • Quality Repairs
  • Security System

Call us, and we will help out with any kind of problem-related these all. We can provide top-notch installation and help select the best music system for a more incredible experience. Our company is well known to provide with the best buy car stereo installation.

Stereo Installation in Wesley Chapel FL

For a particular car, if it is a car stereo installation or the installation of all makes of hi-fi equipment, multimedia, and navigation aids, let us take care of everything with a quick and cost-effective mobile car stereo installation at a time and place that's convenient for everyone. There are many automotive accessories and home entertainment goods in today's electronics industry, many of which promise to be self-installable by the client. With years of experience installing products and talking to consumers, we know that after people get the product home, it is evident that everyone will need expert help to get the most out of it. so, call us for that purpose.


When working on the car, our specialist may use special masking tools to protect the trim panel from scratches by wrapping it over the radio aperture. Seat covers, floor mats, a steering wheel cover, and a center console cover can all aid in maintaining the condition of a car. An expert will take the necessary procedures to avoid the depletion of the vehicle battery.


Some people will not be able to install a gadget perfectly on their own. Call us, and we will get to work on a project right away. Be aware that this is not a low-cost service; do not fear; we will supply you with the cheapest rates available. Rather than going with a high-priced company, go with us. Rather than searching "car stereo installation near me," call us.


Services We Offer

Auto Window Tinting

It's all in the name, after all! It's no secret what we do at our window tinting shop. We carefully install incredible window films.

Marine Audio Installation

On the water, there's a fantastic sound! The marine audio system design professionals at our shop know just how to design and install an audio system.

Car Audio Installation

Performance Auto Group is where the incredible sound begins! We are the leading experts in the design and installation of high-quality automobile audio systems.

Automobile Accessories

Accessorize your vehicle in a fashionable way! The way you use and love your auto is reflected in its appearance. Allow our specialists to show you what you can do with your auto.

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Thank you again for the great job you did in helping me buy just the right audio for my old car.



I am very impressed with how you promptly responded to my initial inquiries and professional audio system installation.



Performance auto group L.P  is highly recommended! I was messed up with the wiring while doing DIY, and experts sorted it out very quickly.



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