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Who We Are?

Performance Auto Group

Performance Auto Group is a one-stop store for automotive electronics, vehicle accessories, audio and video system, car/boat stereo, and window tinting. We attempt to provide friendly, helpful service to our valued customers in a comfortable setting, which is one of the important traits we strive to achieve at our shop.

Auto Window Tinting

With that many hours spent behind the wheels, it's critical to look for ways to make your vehicle secure and much more convenient. Installing window film on your vehicle's windows is an excellent technique to reduce heat and glare while driving. There are numerous solutions accessible, each with the benefits that distinguish it from the others. You will find many vehicles running on the road on the temple terrace.

Direct sunlight, thieves, flying objects like stones, and many more problems can block your way. Isn't it safe to install window tint at your vehicles? The answer is yes! Having services for window tinting for a car can resolve all your problems. Search auto window tinting in Temple Terrace FL, and call us.

Why Should You Go for Car Window Tinting?

There are many reasons that you should consider window tinting for cars. We also provide carplay Installer Whether it's a car or school bus, we can provide you services for all.

It is very beneficial because:

  • Protection
  • Blocking UV Rays
  • Safety


Your priority should be your first concern. While driving, there is a chance that something will strike the windshield or any other window. If the window is not strong enough to resist such sudden things, you can be in danger. Window security film works best for this reason.

Blocking UV Rays:

Tinted windows can provide an extra layer of protection against skin cancer. You may also choose to have your automobile windows tinted for eyesight reasons. UV protection is available in transparent window film or a light tint, filtering harmful UVA and UVB radiation.


Suppose you are going alone on a parenting road, and some inverter attacks you. If your car windows have 3M window films, it will take time to break the layer of the wind window film, and during a short while, you can ask anyone for help. So, if you are also one of them who has to drive frequently you should go for such protection films. Search photo window tinting in temple terrace FL.

Mobile Window Tinting Service in Temple Terrace FL

Not everybody wants to bring their car to an auto repair shop and afterward stand in line to finish it. Let's look at some of the advantages of auto tint Service in Temple Terrace FL.

Following are the benefits of mobile window tinting:


Mobile tinting is a convenient way for consumers to get their windows tinted without having to spend a substantial amount of time out of their day. Your vehicle will be treated with the same care as if it were in an auto repair shop, but you won't have to go by yourself. We are providing quality services at the lowest car window tinting prices. Our mobile professionals will provide you with exceptional service. They work hard to give your automobile a look you want while adhering to state regulations.

You Can Call Anytime:

Our professionals are providing services all over this area. Do you ever think of mobile tint service in Temple Terrace FL? or have you heard the phrase "the customer is always right?" Nothing can be more accurate than when it comes to mobile vehicle window tinting. We can tint your automobile at a convenient time for you, so you wouldn't have to rearrange any meetings or obligations. We recognize that you have a busy schedule, and you don't have to wait for hours inside an auto repair shop. Search mobile window tinting near me and call us.

Smart Tint for Cars in Temple Terrace FL

A smart window tint for vehicles is one of the most recent automotive accessory technologies that combine aesthetics and function. Its primary goal is to give more than just the essential protection from the harmful effects of sunlight. It also adds flair to the vehicle's outside appearance. It has been carefully designed to allow you to switch between opaque and transparent lights. A smart window film offers a world of benefits for car owners and passengers. Considering the generally expensive cost of bright tints, knowing the benefits can help if it is worth the investment.

Below are the top reasons why you should switch to innovative tints:

  • Ultimate Protection from Infrared Rays
  • You Can Control

Ultimate Protection from Infrared Rays:

Innovative tinting can screen up to 99 percent of UV and infrared radiation, giving passengers and vehicles the best protection against the harmful effects of too much sunshine exposure. It leads to more excellent health by avoiding a variety of skin issues and eye injury or discomfort. Tinting also improves comfort when entering a parked automobile after being exposed to the sun for an extended period.

You Can Control:

You may adjust the brightness with such a one-button press, depending on the situation. You can use the transparent option in hazy weather when you need the best possible visuals. For protection from the sun's blistering heat, the deepest shade is required. You can switch to opaque mode with a quick push of a button. When parking the automobile to prevent theft, this is the ideal method to use. Would you please not waste your time and call us for automotive window tint service?

Mirror Tint Car Service in Temple Terrace FL

One of the most exciting jobs for vehicle aficionados is car modification. They enjoy customizing their vehicles, and the tinting of the windows is probably the most noticeable alteration. Tinting your car windows can help screen you from the sun's rays while also giving your vehicle a stylish appearance, among other things. We will provide you expert mobile car window tinting services.

Cost Analysis:

When it comes to cost, we can't say an exact amount. The first thing is that every company has its fixed rates. But here you can have the services at reasonable rates. Moreover, our rates depend upon various factors like size or type of tinting. Let us make one thing clear that smart tint automotive service is a bit costly than other ones. If you have read the above information carefully, you know that why it's expensive.
But do not worry, we will provide you reliable and budget-friendly services. Search vehicle window tinting in temple terrace FL and give us a call. We will send a team of professionals to your place for window tinting.


Services We Offer

Auto Window Tinting

It's all in the name, after all! It's no secret what we do at our window tinting shop. We carefully install incredible window films.

Marine Audio Installation

On the water, there's a fantastic sound! The marine audio system design professionals at our shop know just how to design and install an audio system.

Car Audio Installation

Performance Auto Group is where the incredible sound begins! We are the leading experts in the design and installation of high-quality automobile audio systems.

Automobile Accessories

Accessorize your vehicle in a fashionable way! The way you use and love your auto is reflected in its appearance. Allow our specialists to show you what you can do with your auto.

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I am incredibly impressed by their working ethics. Fast, brilliant, and affordable services!

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My car window tinting was worn out and had scratches. I called them, and they fixed it very neatly.

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I used to drive a lot but worried about my safety. I call them, and they solve my problem by window tinting.

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