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Who We Are?

Pol Glass LLC

Pol Glass LLC is a premier glass company in Washington, DC, serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We pride ourselves on exceptional glass installation, repair, and replacement services that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us for a free service estimate. Established in 1995, we have decades of experience working in the trade, practiced in historic restoration and preservation, and comfortable working on projects with a modern, cutting-edge look.

Patio Door Installation & Replacement

Transform your room with our patio door installation & replacement services and bring the outside into your home. These beautiful exterior doors come in many styles, including conventional French doors and sliding patio doors. They can be personalized with various styles and finishes of hardware, grille designs, and stains inside. If you're searching for a modern sliding glass door, a hinged French-style classic, or something special to you.

With a product that looks great—and works with ease and excellence, our local patio door installers in Fairfax VA, will help you complete your patio-door project. Our patio doors are built and functional for the way you live: climate-neutral efficiency with patio door installation & replacement: Simple operation in the harshest climates, too. Energy-efficient layout with patio door installation & replacement: Continuous weather stripping and interlocking design functions help keep your home draft-free and provide energy savings.

Patio Door Replacement Cost in Fairfax VA

Let your visitors use a new front entrance door, storm door, or patio door to make a grand entrance. Using the very finest materials, skilled care, and detail, all our doors are handmade. Our entry doors can also be personalized to suit your personal preference, home décor, and family budget.

Cutting edge entry doors of unrivaled design. Choose from many styles of doors with all the personalized features you want, from those on a budget or those who want a premium door. Call us to know the cost to replace sliding doors.

  • Excellent warranties with installing new sliding glass door
  • Best in class durability, security with patio door installation & replacement
  • Custom doors offered by our patio door installers in Fairfax VA
  • Free in-home estimates for changing window to patio door

Patio Door Installers in Fairfax VA

Are you worried about confidentiality? To monitor both light and vision in your home, consider adding window coverings such as shutters, curtains, or blinds. Ask for the French Doors with patio door installation & replacement services today. We partner with many outstanding French door manufacturers that produce beautiful glass, wood, and more French doors.

Know, the door is always salvageable with a patch, whether it is an individual part of the door that needs repair or replacement. Now is the ideal time to update your door if some door components are missing or if the door no longer matches your home's aesthetic. We are the best option for patio door installers near my searches. Contact us today to know the cost to replace the sliding patio door.

Replacing A Patio Door in Fairfax VA

Are you looking to replace the sliding patio door in Fairfax VA? Patio doors are your outdoor portal. Patio doors, available in various treatments and designs, are an essential and practical feature of any home design. And the options are numerous. There's a door for each type, from double pane glass and blind inserts to elegant modern sliding and country-style swinging doors. Patio doors provide the home with appealing, maintenance-free entryways. We've got the right door for your home with sturdy fiberglass construction. Also, we will help you in changing sliding glass doors to French doors.

You've got choices if you're looking for French doors to replace sliding doors or add a new patio door or repair an old one. Many of the excellent options are French, sliding glass, and folding patio doors. Start by determining which type of patio door is right for you. Call us to replace the sliding glass door cost estimation. We will let you know about the average cost of replacing the sliding glass doors.

  • New sliding glass door installation with industry-leading energy efficiency 
  • Free In-Home Estimates for patio door sill replacement in Fairfax VA

Replacing Exterior French Doors in Fairfax VA

One of the key reasons for choosing French patio door installation & replacement is their charm and roots in the Renaissance. To put the same modern, elegant elements of the art revolution into the house's very framework, the people of France developed French patio door installation & replacement. Robust and safe building. Several locking points give an additional level of protection. Call us now for patio door installation cost estimation. We will help you in changing sliding doors to French doors and best sliding glass door installers in Fairfax VA. 

The transparency and ventilation that they generate is another advantage of French doors. Unlike most windows, to create an open, welcome look for your patio or backyard, a pair of French doors can be swung outward. Nothing is as idyllic as a backyard of your own, complete with free French patio door installation & replacement, a lush garden, and a few singing birds. Call us today to know about the cost of replacing sliding doors with French doors or installing sliding patio doors.


Services We Offer

Custom Wall Mirrors

Pol Glass LLC can install vanity mirrors, mirrored walls, custom bar mirrors, shelving, or any mirror to add beauty to your room.

Shower Doors

Pol Glass LLC can install a high-quality custom shower enclosure to your specific design in framed or frameless materials

Table Tops

Pol Glass LLC can provide the perfect replacement for any glass tabletop.

Insulated Glass

Pol Glass LLC installs and replaces triple and double pane windows. Spacers are designed to reduce heat flow and prevent condensation.

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I've worked with Eric and his team on several projects and he's done an exceptional job on each.

Anabelle Murray


He first installed a new shower enclosure with chrome finish that looks fantastic.

Scott Gomez


He was on time and beat the competitor's prices.

Hanna Peterson


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