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Pol Glass LLC is a premier glass company in Washington, DC, serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We pride ourselves on exceptional glass installation, repair, and replacement services that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us for a free service estimate. Established in 1995, we have decades of experience working in the trade, practiced in historic restoration and preservation, and comfortable working on projects with a modern, cutting-edge look.

Aluminum Window Installation & Replacement

Aluminum Windows are one of the most common types of windows, sturdy, lightweight, and good at resisting moisture. You may want to consider aluminum window installation & replacement services if you need to replace windows with odd shapes or achieve a distinct architectural look. A variety of custom window designs can be easily formed into it.

Try using aluminum windows if you are looking for high-quality aluminum window installation & replacement that will fulfill your needs and give you several significant benefits. Doing so is a great option and will provide you with plenty of incentives you wouldn't get with other forms of windows. In the meantime, save money and boost the look of your home. If you are serious about bringing your home's look and feel to a whole new stage, installing aluminum windows in new construction buildings will provide you with outstanding results.

Replacing Aluminum Windows in Alexandria VA

When you try to find the right replacing aluminum windows with vinyl retrofit services, durability is a significant factor you should remember. To withstand the test of time, you want the windows you purchase, and you also need them to do well in a variety of harsh weather conditions. In the long term, installing aluminum windows into a brick that meet those criteria saves you cash because they can last much longer than other kinds.

If your goal is to make a buying decision that will provide incentives for years to come, you will be satisfied with the result. Aluminum will last for years, and the smart call is to purchase it, and you will be happy with the results. Even as the temperatures change, replacing aluminum windows with vinyl will not cause expansion or contraction.

Aluminium Door Installation in Alexandria VA

For those who want to get the most from every penny they spend, aluminum door frame installation or aluminum window installation & replacement that have thermal insulation is essential. Heating and cooling their homes take more energy than anything else for many people, and if they don't act to stop it, they will overspend for years. You need to install window stays aluminum that provides thermal insulation if you want to keep even more money in your wallet each year.

Aluminum window sill flashing does the job and keeps the air in your house under control for much longer. Suppose the aluminum window installation & replacement you currently have are not designed for energy efficiency. In that case, they will compensate for themselves over time by making a move. For the last year, take a look at your power bill and ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you have to pay. Once you turn to install aluminum windows into the steel frame, to see the difference, check your energy consumption for the next few months.

Metal Window Sill Flashing in Alexandria VA

You not only need to find the right type of windows, but you also need to find the right company for aluminum window frame installation for you. The vast number of businesses on the market makes it difficult for many individuals to choose what direction makes sense. Switch to our aluminum window installation & replacement services for results you can trust if you want an aluminum window installation & replacement company that you can rely on—looking for custom window installers near me? We got you covered.

Our team will set up an appointment at a point that fits with your life and a busy schedule. To install your windows the right way and give you results that everyone would be proud of, we have the appropriate training, experience, and equipment. Call us now for the cost of installing aluminum windows.

Garden Window Installation in Alexandria VA

Our aluminum window installation & replacement services offer the beauty, power, and stability of wood, with vinyl's low-maintenance characteristics. To find the right style for your home, explore the window styles below, or browse our various paint, frame, grid, and hardware options. Ready right now to get started? Set up a free appointment for one of our design consultants for a basement window replacement metal frame. 

Your new windows, constructed from exclusive composite content, will stand the test of time and look amazing doing it. What's more, you'll have peace of mind knowing that one of our teams of master installers installed them, real artisans who have experience aluminum window installation & replacement of all shapes, sizes, and designs in homes. Our custom window installation in Alexandria VA will make a difference in performance, strength and durability, maintenance, appearance... whatever aspect is most important to you (and we hope they are all!). Call us for the right aluminum window installers near me or get an estimate for custom window replacement costs in Alexandria, VA.


Services We Offer

Custom Wall Mirrors

Pol Glass LLC can install vanity mirrors, mirrored walls, custom bar mirrors, shelving, or any mirror to add beauty to your room.

Shower Doors

Pol Glass LLC can install a high-quality custom shower enclosure to your specific design in framed or frameless materials.

Table Tops

Pol Glass LLC can provide the perfect replacement for any glass tabletop.

Insulated Glass

Pol Glass LLC installs and replaces triple and double pane windows. Spacers are designed to reduce heat flow and prevent condensation.

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Loved working with Eric! He was super easy to work with.

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They told me where I can cut cost and where I should invest to put in quality materials and was clean and on time.

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My bathroom looks awesome and the new shower enclosure is super modern and cool.

Martin Tucker


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