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Max Auto Glass is been serving the community for 13 years. Our main expertise lies in auto glass replacement and repair. We provide quality services for chip repair, windshield repair, headlight restorations, power window regulators, and more. The products used in the process are of high quality. The technicians are richly experienced and skilled. They provide the top quality you demand.

Professional Crew

Our teams are professional and skilled, thus there will be no inconvenience.

Decades of Experience

We are serving the community for over 13 years with efficient services.

Quality Work

Our focus lies in the professional and quality work with core dedication.

Premium Products

The stock of products is premium, thus ensuring the services as well.

Auto glass repair in Coronado CA eliminates the different types of chips and cracks from the window panes. Do you have a damaged window? Need windshield chip repair? No worries! We provide professional car glass repair in Coronado CA! Our teams are richly experienced and skilled in this arena. Got a microchip or a large crack, let us take a look and cure it right away! One can google ‘auto glass repair near me’ to find the professional auto glazier but here—you have already found one!

Our main dedication lies in providing the service you need. The thing is about quality, we contour the right need for you. The main key points that our facilities offer are;

  • On-Site, Mobile Service – We Come to You!
  • Excellent Customer Care – We care about you!
  • Speedy Service – Our professionals reach out to your right away!
  • Affordable Price – The rates are super economical!
  • Experienced Staff – We are successfully in the business for 13 years!

Auto Glass Repair in Coronado CA

Any debris, rock, or chips can cause damage to the window pane. In that case, car windscreen repair in Coronado CA is the professional way to remove those hindrances between getting a clear vision. If you are facing the same situation of damaged window panes and need to fix the windshield then rest assured you have landed in the right place. Max Auto Glass is a professional auto glass shop in Coronado CA established for 13 years! 

The Repairable Chips! The power window glass repairing is dependent on some specific ratios and conditions that are must be obeyed, otherwise, the repair would not be possible. The outlines of the faults are;

  • Smaller than that is almost equal to the size of a nickel.
  • If the chip is not in a star shape.
  • The chip is 7cm away from the edge of your windscreen.
  • The crack is not in the driver’s line.

Car Window Repair in Coronado CA

Are you looking for professional windshield crack repair? With a cracked or chipped window, the driving of the vehicle might be dangerous. Now, the given question might pop in your mind;

How a Cracked/Chipped Window Be Dangerous? Driving a vehicle with windshield damage is serious and even life-threatening. Having a crack or rock chip repaired can safeguard you and your passengers from uncertain damage. A crack in the glass weaknes the windshield, and if it breaks and the roof is crushed, the occupants get seriously injured.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult auto window repair in Coronado CA otherwise the odds may not get in your favor. There are different types of damages to the window that may or may not be repairable depending on the side, size, and density. If the glazier recommends car windscreen replacement rather than auto windshield repair in Coronado CA, thus it is best to follow them.

Windshield Crack Repair in Coronado CA

The car windshield repair in Coronado CA should be done by a professional otherwise, the scar may leave on the surface. For crystal clear look and repairing, consult our mobile glass repair in Coronado CA. The process for car windshield repair involes;

Window Assessment: Whether it is windshield scratch repair or any other, inspecting the damage is the first step.

Window Preparation: The prepping of materials, and covering the hoods is necessary to protect them from wear & tear. 

Cleaning: The cleansing of the glass surface is important, otherwise dust & debris will disrupt the process.

Resin: Even for a cheap windshield repair in Coronado CA, the resin is the main element responsible for repairing the glass.

Curing: Leaving the resin to settle on the surface will only cure the chip or crack.

Removing Excess Resin: There must be excessive resin on the glass surface that will look inappropriate, thus the removal of this resin is necessary.

Repair Process is Over: After the removal of resin, polishing the surface will give clarity to the glass.

Car Windshield Repair in Coronado CA

The windshield repair cost in Coronado CA depends on various factors. Although, the overall price ratio at Max Auto Glass is nominal.

Window Glass: The type of window glass plays a keen role in totaling the price of window glass replacement or repair services.

Mobile Window Repair: We provide mobile or on-site window repair services, in which our technicians have to reach out to you! 

Time of The Year: The time of the year can put a teensy effect on the total bill for the mobile auto glass repair in Coronado CA. If anyone consults the service on a regular Monday it will be much economical than that of getting repairing services on a day before Christmas.

Chipped Window Glass: There are certain types of cracks and chips on the glass surface, and the technique to cover them vary from type to type. The most common examples of cracks on the window are listed.

  • Star Break
  • Bull’s Eye
  • Half Moon
  • Combination Brea
  • Floater Crack
  • Stress Crack
  • Chips
  • Long Crack

Windshield Repair Cost in Coronado CA


Auto Glass Replacement

Got a damaged window pane? Consult our auto glass replacement services to change the pane right away!

Windshield Crack Repair

We provide windshield crack repair that deals with chips/cracks and other sorts of damages on the pane.

Headlight Restoration

Is your vehicle’s headlight broken or not working properly? No worries, consult us for headlight restoration!

Power Window Service

Power window service removes faults from the vehicle that includes; window motor repair, fuse repair, etc.




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