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Finest Window Tints & Glass Films for Automobiles!

The Tint Shack has an extensive que of middle to high class customers from a large covered area. We have served the community and confirmed a firm place in the market for premium tint installation facilities. The working hands are super neat. Likewise, the quality of window tints is durable.

Window Tinting Shades

Different window tinting shades in Windcrest TX helps to add a layer of elegance to your vehicle by eliminating all the unnecessary visuals outside standing people getting from inside of your automobile. Like, if you are looking for 3m tint shades in Windcrest TX for your sedan or hatchback vehicle then rest assured you have already landed in the right place. The Tint Shack offers the following;

  • Ceramic window tinting
  • Metalized window tinting
  • Carbon window tinting
  • Crystalline window tinting

Keep Car Fabric from Fading: Car window tint shades will protect your vehicle’s leather seat coverings or upholstery from fading and other wear & tear damage from the harmful sunlight rays. For instance, a car with sun shield car window tinting for some years had less color diminishing of seat covering and dashboard as compared to a non-tinted car in Windcrest TX. Moreover, sunshade tint film price is likewise affordable, so why not protect your interior right away. Our working hands always do a fine job on your window glass.

Auto Ceramic Tint Shades

There are certain types and shades of tint films but ceramic tint shades in Windcrest TX are considerably glossier and classier than any other auto tint film. They add a trendy touch of appearance with crystalline texture on their surface.

Solar Heat Rejection: Auto tint films of a specific model filter the ultraviolet rays (short-wavelength radiations) of sunlight. This decreases the heat intensity from 30 to 65% entering the car thus making it cooler and comfortable than a non-tinted vehicle. This helps to make the AC more energy efficient putting a positive effect on fuel consumption. Our different shades of darkness car window tinting films provide 99% of UV elimination from the sunlight. Moreover, window tinting cost is also reasonable so why wait to add an extra layer of protection!

Classy Look: Ceramic tint shades with 10% tint opacity are the most properly used in an elite industry using tinting films. Some specific shade custom tint films allow making the car look extremely enthralling even than before. Although there is a limited number of legal shade tint that is 25% for the front windows, thus we provide products within that parameter.

Solar Shade Window Tint in Windcrest TX

Different types of window tint shades are used for letting different ratio of light intensity entering the car. Solar shade window tint films are the best to balance the glare of light entering the vehicle. If you are looking for vehicle enhancement then accessories like visor tint car films, Llumar tint shades films, auto wraps, minor body kits, etc. will be best in the category. The Tint Shack provides the finest window tinting shade films at an economical price range.

Filter Ultra-Violet Rays: Polarized shades of tint films eliminate the harmful UV rays entering the vehicle. There is a ton of reported health issues just because of contact with ultraviolet rays i.e., leathery skin, premature aging, sun allergy, skin burn, skin rash, short or long-sightedness, skin cancer (in extreme cases), etc. Thus, solar shade window tint in Windcrest TX is the finest way to eradicate this culprit.

Privacy: Different shades of gray window tinting films allow the passenger sitting inside the vehicle to have privacy from the visuals that people may get from the outside. Some cool shades window tinting films with 10 to 20 percent of light allowance keep the environment cool with enchanted privacy.

Shade Custom Tint in Windcrest TX

Certain films of shade custom tint in Windcrest TX are used for differently positioned window panes in the vehicle to achieve a diverse range of light intensity. The percentage of sun shade tint in Windcrest TX has a specific parameter as described following;

  • Windshield: Only 25% VLT tint (visible light transmission) is allowed for the front window tints are allowed by the Texas Law.
  • Front Side windows: Any tint film with more than 25% light are allowed for the front side window panes. This ratio will allow the utmost 25% of the light to enter the vehicle from the outside environment.
  • Back Side windows: Any light ratio or even completely dark shades tinting can be used on the backside windows of the vehicle.
  • Rear Window: Any darkness can be used on the rear windows of the vehicle. Even completely black 3m crystalline tint shades are commonly installed on the rear windows panes but with this the visual from side mirrors is necessary.

Auto Window Tint Shades in Windcrest TX

Auto window tint shades in Windcrest TX have a ton of pros than a non-tinted Honda. It makes the car look sassier, prevents the car’s upholstery from fading, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, solar heat rejection, shattered glass protection, etc. If you were googling “window tinting cost” then here you can get something worthy even on a tight budget.

Shattered Glass Protection: Car tint shades films prevent the shattering of glass into small pieces. If there happens a misfortune of car accident or any other sort of hit on the window glass then window tint film will hold the shattered prices of glass to itself. It is because of the strong adhesive character protecting the passenger from the damage.

Better AC Working: Different tint shades in Windcrest TX eliminate the excessive solar heat entering the vehicle, this stables the temperature inside the car as compared to the outside. Thus, a cooler environment in the automotive will put less burden on the air conditioner. It also chains to less consumption of fuel on sunny days when the AC is turned on.


Services We Offer

All Car Brands Tinting

We cover cars of all brands, our range of pre cut window tints is not limited to a specific model.

Custom Window Tints

Our amenities include high quality custom window tints of your choice with installation facility.

Van Tinting

Whether it is a tint decal you need or a white tint film for you van, no problem! We have all.

Perforated Window Tints

The team likewise facilitates with perforated window tints with plain or custom graphics/decals.

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