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The Tint Shack has an extensive que of middle to high class customers from a large covered area. We have served the community and confirmed a firm place in the market for premium tint installation facilities. The working hands are super neat. Likewise, the quality of window tints is durable.

Window Tinting Service in Schertz TX

Window tinting service in Schertz TX is a fine way to make your vehicle more elegant and classier than before. The pre-cut dyed window tint can be installed on any of your automobile models. The Tint Shack has an extensive range of window tints for every car model. If you were googling “dyed tint in Schertz TX” or “dyed window film in Schertz TX” then you have already landed in the right place. You might be wondering what effect a dyed film tint would put on the looks, driving stature, and health of yours.

There are certain benefits of getting services of the dyed film in Schertz TX. The tinting films have specific shade opacity that controls the meter of privacy. If you are worried about the cost of dyed window tint film then don’t, The Tint Shack has an array of middle to high-class customers that are attracted here because of the economic charges we put. The rates are super affordable! Whether it is the metalized window tint or ceramic window tint you need for your vehicle, we have a vast range of models, textures, and materials.

Types of Window Tinting

There are certain types of window tinting films available in the catalog but choosing the most suitable one for the car is the real matter. Our technicians are trained and in the work for several years. Their expertise allows the car to have the finest window tinting service for you. Our shack covers the following categories;

  • Hybrid window tint
  • Carbon fiber tint
  • Ceramic windshield tint
  • 3m Carbon tint
  • Ceramic window film
  • Crystalline window tint
  • 1.5 mm metalized tint
  • Metalized window film

Our main dedication lies in providing you the best and most suitable tint films for your vehicle. thus, you don’t have to waste your energy in choosing the tint film from an extensive and long optional catalog, because our technicians will do it for you!

Metalized Tint Service in Schertz TX

Metalized tint service in Schertz TX is a fine way to make your vehicle more elegant and classier than before. The pre-cut window tinting can be installed on any of your Honda automobile models. The Tint Shack has an extensive range of window tints for every car model. If you were googling “1.5 mm metalized window tint in Schertz” or “metalized tint in Schertz TX” then you have already landed in the right place. The premiums of installing a metalized tint are;

  • Contain metalized particles that reflect heat radiations.  
  • Matching appearance with gloss or chrome look of the car.
  • Unique & tough texture.
  • A good ratio of privacy even with a lower VLT (visible light transmission) level.
  • The reduction of heat intensity to a good extent.
  • Mirror-like view from the outside.
  • No glare of outside light source.
  • Filtering ultra-violet radiation up to 98%
  • Better adhesive hold on the glass.
  • Less peeling off of the tint film even in exposure with harsh particulates.

Carbon Tint in Schertz TX

Carbon Tint in Schertz TX is reliable and easily surpasses a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. This is a minimum grade of expectancy, if the driver won’t put their car in a hard brushed based car wash booth then they might live up to 8 years. The peeling off of the carbon window tint film from the edges is the sign that the driver is treating them too harshly. Our provided carbon film tint in Schertz TX comes with a life expectancy of 5 to 8 years, so you don’t have to worry about them! Carbon tints have these features;

  • Carbon particulates mixed with the film.
  • No signal-interference problem.
  • Unique matte appearance.
  • More heat rejection than a metalized tint film.
  • Better privacy with lower VLT as compared to metalized film.
  • The most economical category with loaded features.
  • Better sun and other light source glare elimination.
  • UV filtration with the finest visibility.

The carbon tint cost in Schertz TX is much more economical than that of ceramic tint. Like, if one is concerned about all the features i.e., UV ray filtration, heat reduction, better privacy, economical charges, etc. then the carbon tint film will be the most suitable.

Ceramic Tint Service in Schertz TX

A vehicle with ceramic tint service in Schertz TX looks much more elegant than a plain or simple automobile. Best ceramic window tint uses ceramic particles in their compositions that enchant the look and increase the car’s resale value. There are a ton of 3m ceramic tints available in the market but selecting the best requires some sound knowledge. Our technicians are professional that provides you the finest carbon window film in Schertz TX with the right features according to your need and budget. Typical ceramic tint cost in Schertz TX is a bit pricier but here they are super economical! The carbon ceramic window tint film is known for;

  • A vast range of shades
  • Wide choice of color gradience
  • Good privacy ratio on a lower VLT rate
  • High UV filtration
  • Extensive durability
  • Better wear & tear protection
  • Not-easy peeling off (if installed professionally)

Ceramic tint film, carbon ceramic tint, and carbon fiber window tint are slightly related in appearance but carbon films adhere to a matte look while a ceramic tint is shifted to gloss. Ceramic window tint cost is likewise a bit more than carbon window tint price.


Services We Offer

All Car Brands Tinting

We cover cars of all brands, our range of pre cut window tints is not limited to a specific model.

Custom Window Tints

Our amenities include high quality custom window tints of your choice with installation facility.

Van Tinting

Whether it is a tint decal you need or a white tint film for you van, no problem! We have all.

Perforated Window Tints

The team likewise facilitates with perforated window tints with plain or custom graphics/decals.

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The services were very neat and swift, I am much impressed by their professional work.

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I needed tints for my car, searched the market then I find them, their rates are very reasonable.

Craig Wallington


Their working hands did a very fine job, no peel ends, no bubbles in the tint, much appreciated!

Miona Hargreaves


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