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Problem Solved AWT holds a firm stature in the community for providing premium towing service & roadside assistance. Our foremost amenities include emergency breakdown tow service, flat battery replacement/jump start, flat tire assistance, private towing and flatbed towing facilities. We have invested plenty sum of money in our equipment so that there will be no inconvenience during the assistance. Moreover, our staff is skilled, experienced and trained adequately.

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Our rate lists are super affordable so that there will not be any burden on your pocket.

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We understand the convenience you need! Therefore, our staff is fully trained and experienced.

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We acquire a vast number of professionals, that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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You might be satisfied with the condition of your car, but there are times when even a brand-new vehicle can show technical faults. Emergency towing service in Ferguson MO is the best help one can get deal with a kaput vehicle situation. Picture this, you are traveling with your family, it is the late hour of the night, and your car engine breaks down! All the regular auto shops are closed at that time, now when all the hope is seeming to be lost, our emergency roadside service will save you from the mess.

Now, if you are anywhere near this situation and were googling “emergency roadside service near me” or “emergency towing near me” then you have landed in the right place. Simply consult our services by calling on the given line. The time you will consult the service, our team will dispatch immediately to get you out of the haptic situation so that you could back be to the schedule right away!

Emergency Towing Service in Ferguson MO

An emergency can hit anybody anywhere and anytime. For instance, you were driving somewhere and in the way, it shows fault. Now, situations like these can be handled with an emergency tow truck in Ferguson MO. Emergency tow truck service acquires a fully equipped team that knows how to handle a kaput or broken car. There are certain common faults in the car that are commonly shown;

  • Blown out or flat tire
  • Flat battery
  • Mechanical fault
  • Electrical issue
  • Locked out situation
  • Auto Accidents
  • Damage from debris
  • Malfunctioning parts

If you have or are facing any of the above problems, then simply dial our line to get assisted at once. Certain times, some faults don’t need a fully equipped auto shop, they can be repaired on side of the road. For instance, it is a flat tire or flat battery, we will replace or fix them respectively, our technicians will run a battery diagnosis if it needs jump start then we will provide it otherwise we will tow it to the mechanic.

Emergency Tow Truck in Ferguson MO

Non-emergency towing in Ferguson MO is helpful in not only towing your vehicle but before that the vehicle is diagnosed, to check whether it can be drivable on your own or not! The procedure is followed when you consult the “emergency road service near me” facility.

Check Engine Status: Our professional staff will then check the engine status, if there are faults that can be fixed on the side of the road then we will fix them.

Car Battery Replacement: If the car is not picking up the ignition then this might be a battery issue, our professionals will replace the car battery or jump start it.

Flat Tire Repair: A flat tire is a common problem that is faced regularly, if you too are facing the same then we fix or replace the tire right away!

Towing Services: In the end, if the fixing is not possible on the roadside because the culprit is too complex then we will tow your car to the mechanic.

Non-Emergency Towing in Ferguson MO

Emergencies always put collateral damage on the schedule but if they are treated on time, the day can be still saved. Towing emergency in Ferguson MO is the way to get out of these broken car emergencies. 

Malfunctioning Parts: If some parts of the vehicles are not working properly, call for our “emergency tow truck near me” facility and we will take you and your car to the mechanic

Damage from Debris: Any debris lying on the road can damage the car. Sometimes, there is an obstacle in the way that causes severe engine damage, in that case, we will then tow the vehicle.

Auto Accidents: There are around 16 thousand car accidents every day in the US. We hope no one gets involved in this misfortune, but still, we provide emergency towing service to recover the vehicle out of dangerous spots.

Towing Emergency in Ferguson MO

A professional emergency towing company in Ferguson MO is always ready to dispatch when a person calls for help. Problem Solved AWT is a proficient firm that is sincere about your convenience and work quality. Thus, whenever you consult us for emergency car towing services, we will respond to you immediately!

Flatbed Towing: Our company has a fully equipped flatbed tow truck that delivers fully convenient towing services. We acquire flatbed tow trucks because the loading and removal of vehicles are easy and quick plus towing a broken vehicle on it doesn’t damage it further.

24 Hour Towing: We ensure 24 hour emergency towing service so that whenever you consult us, we will be there for you! whether it is 1 am on Christmas Eve or 3 pm on a regular Monday, the facility is just a phone call away.

Emergency Towing Company in Ferguson MO


Flatbed Towing Service

Are you afraid that your car might get damaged with a wheel lift tow? Then, flatbed towing is here!

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Emergency towing service reaches before anyone will! Call us and we will instantly dispatch for you!

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Stranded on the roadside because of a kaput car? No worries! Our technicians will assist you right away!

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