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Wale’s Audio is in the business for several years! We have confirmed a solid stature in the market for providing quality products. Our foremost facilities include custom graphic-processed window tints, classic or plane window tints. We likewise cover your audio needs in the vehicle with our stereo systems featuring full deep-toned to boom up your auto’s environment!

Car Window Tinting in Indianapolis IN

Car window tinting in Indianapolis IN helps to make your car serener than before! Windows tints are the best way to eliminate all the troubles that come from outside due to climatical elements. Window tinting in Indianapolis IN comes in a variety of shades, but it is better to check the legal shade status. Most of the tints cover up a little life span of three years but a good quality tint will surpass more than five years! Our tinting service offers you:

No Tint Bubbles: We ensure that there will not be any bubbles left after we perform window tinting in Indianapolis IN! Our well-ordered hands take special care of neatness.

Prevention from Peeling of Films: We likewise offer mobile window tinting with prevention from the peeling factor of films. The process of removing window tints can be done by a specialized process, it is not possible by peeling.

Non-Sticky Tints: In cheap window tinting, there is always stickiness on the windows but we are fully aware of this factor. Therefore, offering you non-sticky tints services on the go.

Auto Tint in Indianapolis IN

Auto tint in Indianapolis IN helps to attain the best look for your car. For instance, you may be wondering, what benefit it would give other than reducing light intensity! The main pros of them are given below:

Protection of the Car’s Interior from Heat Damage: Car window tinting reduces the heat intensity from the atmosphere entering the car, thus protecting your seat covers (leather, Rexene, etc.) 

Less Eye Strain for the Driver: The common pro of the best window tint layer on your vehicle is the less eye strain for the driver!

UV Ray Protection: The window tinting on the vehicle protects from ultra-violet rays from the sun that may harm your eyesight.

Privacy to Prevent from Outsiders Seeing in: Privacy is the main factor that a car window tinting provides you! Especially, if you go for ceramic window tint then it will be more efficient.

Wear & Tear Damage Protection: The tints on your car’s window protect the glass from wear & tear of the external climate such as pebbles, wind pressure, etc.

Temperature Regulation Within the Car: Car window tinting eliminates the light intensity thus reducing the heat inside the automobile, thus giving you a more regulated temperature inside the automobile.

Window Tint Cost in Indianapolis IN

The window tint cost in Indianapolis IN depends on a couple of things that are described down. Before, getting on them, it is hereby that car window tinting costs are super economical but they variate a little bit according to some factors;

Durability: Durability is the main factor that variates the cost, if you go for more durable window tints then window tinting price will be more.

In-Visit Installation: If you call for in-visit installation then that would pricier than if you come to the garage and get the tints installed there on your car.

Texture: The texture of the auto tints variates the costs. But, if you go for better texture, there will be more pros to it, i.e., ceramic tints.

Graphic Decal: Graphic decal is mostly used for business detailing and brandings. Thus, if you go for custom car window tinting then it will charge more than classic window tinting.

Perforated Window Tints: Perforated window tints have a different lane of cost list depending on the texture and graphics put on them.

Ceramic Tint in Indianapolis IN

Ceramic tint in Indianapolis IN is one of the best options you can consider for your vehicle. It delivers the most textured look with an intense level of privacy. Likewise, they deliver a good level of temperature resistance, thus the low expense of air conditioning. Although, the price for ceramic window tint is much costlier than that of ordinary car tint in Indianapolis IN. Some of the other tint types & shades are discussed down:

5 Window Tint: Is it you want complete privacy for your vehicle? Then, 5 window tint in Indianapolis IN will help you attain it.

Pre Cut Window Tints: Pre cut window tints are ready-made tints that are made for specific models, if you want to install tints on your own, then this is a nice choice.

20 window Tints: 20 window tints are the most common shade used in auto tints. They give a balanced proportion of vision with privacy.

Front Window Tint in Indianapolis IN

The front window tint in Indianapolis IN is precisely installed on the front window of the car. As the front windshield tints are rarely used because of vision necessities but some specific models of them can be installed. On the siding hands, if you were googling “automotive window tinting near me” or “15 window tint in Indianapolis IN” then rest assured you have landed in the right place!

Wale’s Audio is specialized in providing the best car window tinting services in Indianapolis IN. Our services are not limited to tinting only but we provide the facility of stereo system repairing & installation in your vehicle.

Anti-Fog Window Tints: This is not a type of window tint but you can make your window tints anti-fog by applying a half cup of sudsy ammonia or vinegar mixed with a gallon of water on your window then drying it with a lint-free cloth.


Services We Offer

Residential Tinting

Is it the sunlight that bothers you while driving? Chill out! Our auto tints will eradicate the trouble! 

Car Audio Service

Our efficient hands repair broken & malfunctioning audio systems installed in your automobiles!

Commercial Tinting

Is it you need an official decal of your business for any sort of automobiles? Consult us right now!

Car Stereo Installation

Tired of boredom when you drive along? No worries! We’ll install top stereo systems in your car!

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