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Frank Leah Towing Service is a family-owned and operated towing company serving the community for extensively over 55 years. Our professional expertise includes flatbed towing, accidental removal, scrap my car services, junk car removal, and roadside assistance. We are efficiently specialized in this arena. You will save a bunch of money because of our super economical rates! 

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Quality is our central dedication; therefore, we only provide adequately trained and experienced technicians.

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Our sole priority is you! We respect your financial capability; thus, our rates are super economical. 

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Cars are the best partner of a journey. The latest models have increased the comfortability and put it on the next level. Contrarily, these are sold to scrap my car service in Little Falls NJ; they become old, rusted and inoperable. There are many explanations of reasons behind a working car converting into a junk car. The most common ones are described as severe accidental damage that destroys the major working units, leading to the factor that repairing it is not worth it.

Then, these deteriorated cars are just useful to local junk car buyers. Another common reason behind a car becoming a clunker is missing legal paper. Losing documents, misplacing the title, or a suspended car would be abandoned from getting on the road, leading to rust elements to cluster on its skin. Only then, scrap my car in Little Falls NJ is their only residence. One more common reason people buy new cars and abandon the previous one, never bother to drive the old one, and they rust with time.

Scrap My Car Service

If you acquire an old vintage rusted car in your backyard, then it is time you would clear up your personnel space. We can Scrap Your Car in Little Falls NJ, right away, thus relieving you from an eyesore metallic burden on your porch. Scrap cars do have a long history, and around 70% of their components are inoperable. Whether it is water flooded or an old pick-up truck, no worries, you can contact us and get an estimated scrap car price in Little Falls NJ.

Our professional will collect required details about the car and the ownership, then the model and condition, if it makes up to good, will suggest a time that suits you to inspect the car and provide annual towing & scrap car removal. But if you are hasty to free up your space, then our scrap my car today services are indeed for you! If you were googling "scrap car removal near me" or "scrap car buyers near me," then our services are the most suitable for you. 

Scrap Your Car in Little Falls NJ

Selling your scrap car is easy and straightforward, but some technical procedures must be followed. We are one of the top scrap car buyers in Little Falls NJ, that will get you to scrap cars highest price to jingle your pocket. To clear up your mind, the standard requirements are listed below; if some are not up to it, don't worry, there are alternative ways.

  • Showing the documents that the scrap vehicles belong to you
  • The year you last operated it
  • Model details 
  • Vehicle Identification number
  • Driver's license

Covering up these requirements will help us to provide you scrap car pick up service. Initially, car titles matter and if you are not sure where you last placed them? It's okay! You can request a copy at your local DMV office. Accordingly, we can facilitate you with services of "pick up my junk car" in Little Falls NJ. Call us, and we will scrap your car for cash! Our current scrap car prices are very reasonable.

Scrap Car Buyers in Little Falls NJ

Before selling your junk car, you must make sure of a couple of things. Sometimes, people forget belongings and tiny valuable possessions in the car, and they don't bother to find them in it or if they do but can't reach them. Of course, you are getting scrap my car for the money, but checking your trunks, under seats, floormats, side door, and other quirky positions might get you something that you lost ages ago. Owners of scrap car in Little Falls NJ, frequently have forgotten this, but when we always return, what we find in the car.

We hold a firm repute in the community for providing vital services of scrap my car for cash, towing services, fuel delivery and roadside assistance. Google "cash for scrap cars near me" or "sell my car for scrap" and check it yourself. Our central dedication lies in providing you with the best services; we keenly offer the most reliable junk my car for cash provides you a handsome amount for your scrap cars.

Sale My Junk Car

If you are looking to scrap my vehicle services, rest assured you have landed in the right place. Frank Leah Towing Service offers facilities of scrap my car for cash today. You have to ring us and set an appointment, and if you are curious about how much you can get for your rotting vehicle, tell us your car model and condition, we will quote you right away! It is our primary dedication to provide you with the scrap my car best price. 

The question arises here that other companies in the market charge money for removing or hauling the junk cars from the yard; contrarily, why we buy them for cash? The answer is recycling and reusing. If you get services of sale my junk car in Little Falls NJ from us, we do business with the junk car's working components. Moreover, half the vehicle consists of steel content; also, rubber and few functional parts like transmission system, doors, drive train etc. 

Pick up My Junk Car in Little Falls NJ


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Our flatbed tow trucks are the best way to deal with all types of situations that needs towing. 

Scrap my Car Service

Do you want to get rid of the rotting car in your yard? We provide the finest quotes for your scrap car! 

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Have you run out of fuel in the middle of somewhere? We provide instant fuel delivery services.

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