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Frank Leah Towing Service is a family-owned and operated towing company serving the community for extensively over 55 years. Our professional expertise includes flatbed towing, accidental removal, scrap my car services, junk car removal, and roadside assistance. We are efficiently specialized in this arena. You will save a bunch of money because of our super economical rates! 

Professional Hands

Quality is our central dedication; therefore, we only provide adequately trained and experienced technicians.

Super Economical

Our sole priority is you! We respect your financial capability; thus, our rates are super economical. 

Properly Equipped

We have invested a handsome amount of money in our tools and equipment to do the job smoothly.

24/7 Availability

Our proactive teams are available round the clock and throughout the calendar to help you out in any pesky situation.

Flatbed towing service in Cedar Grove NJ, is solemnly helpful in getting out of a stuck situation when the car engine refuses to operate. A car, new or old, can show technical problems anywhere and anytime, but think if you are away from civilization and this happens there, what would you do? Our flatbed tow truck in Cedar Grove NJ provides professional assistance for you to get out of the situation right away! 

At the time when you need to consult our fast flatbed towing in Cedar Grove NJ, we will gather the required information about your vehicle model and the location where you are; likewise, we will quote an estimate of the total cost for the service. A professional flatbed towing company follows this protocol to ensure quality. If you were googling “flatbed towing service near me” or “cheap flatbed towing near me,” then rest assured, you have landed in the right place. 

Flatbed Towing Service

A typical flatbed wrecker in Cedar Grove NJ, contains a flat metal surface on which the vehicle is placed and towed. But for the proper flatbed wrecker service, the expertise of the team and equipment matters the most. There is a need for a vast range of tools and apparatus for suitable towing of different vehicles. We have invested a plenty amount of money in our tools to help you in every situation; our main focus lies in providing you with the finest but used flatbed tow trucks services right away.

Our team of technicians and drivers are extensively experienced and trained. We never put naïve workers on the field unless they get properly skilled. Before towing your vehicle, we make sure that it is attached firmly with a flatbed so the car won’t roll off the tow truck. If you were googling “flatbed service near me” or “flatbed towing near me” for professional tow truck services, then rest assured, you have landed in the right place.

Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Regular flatbed towing rates in Cedar Grove NJ are pricier because of the complexity of work. We are highly dedicated to rationalizing the costs as low as we can afford. Flatbed wreckers in Cedar Grove NJ consist of many integral parts that help perform the service efficiently. Our primary focus lies on the quality. Thus we have put only trained and experienced staff in the field. Medium to heavy-duty flatbed tow trucks can legally tolerate weight up to 25000 pounds.

If you were looking for a flatbed wrecker in Cedar Grove NJ, rest assured; you are in the right hands. We are dedicated to delivering your vehicle anywhere you want with long distance towing. You might be wondering which is the best truck for long distance towing? The answer is flatbed trailers are the most convenient ones. Frank Leah Towing Service facilitates professional flatbed towing service in Cedar Grove NJ.

Flatbed Wrecker in Cedar Grove NJ

Flatbed towing cost in Cedar Grove NJ depends on various factors that collectively create a bill. The first factor is date & time; the second is the vehicle model; the third is the distance it needs to cover while flatbed towing services, and the fourth factor is the distance covered by our operators to reach out to your vehicle. A brief discussion is given below to give you an idea of why these factors variate costs. 

The first factor is date & time, and if you call up for automotive towing services on the evening of Christmas, it will pricier than on 1 pm of regular Monday. Similarly, if the vehicle is heavy-duty, then it will need more technical assistance. And the more the distance of location will consume more fuel and time, wear and tear expenditure thus effecting a tiny bit in price. Depending on these factors, our overall flatbed tow truck costs are super economical.  

Flatbed Towing Cost in Cedar Grove NJ


Flatbed Towing Service

Our flatbed tow trucks are the best way to deal with all types of situations that needs towing. 

Scrap my Car Service

Do you want to get rid of the rotting car in your yard? We provide the finest quotes for your scrap car! 

Fuel Delivery

Have you run out of fuel in the middle of somewhere? We provide instant fuel delivery services.

Motorcycle Towing

We provide properly equipped motorcycle towing services to tow your bike anywhere you need!




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