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Frank Leah Towing Service is a family-owned and operated towing company serving the community for extensively over 55 years. Our professional expertise includes flatbed towing, accidental removal, scrap my car services, junk car removal, and roadside assistance. We are efficiently specialized in this arena. You will save a bunch of money because of our super economical rates! 

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Quality is our central dedication; therefore, we only provide adequately trained and experienced technicians.

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Our sole priority is you! We respect your financial capability; thus, our rates are super economical. 

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We have invested a handsome amount of money in our tools and equipment to do the job smoothly.

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Cars are the best partner for getting somewhere swiftly with super comfort, but what about that one rotting in your backyard for ages? The best car removal service in Woodland Park NJ can take care of it with super convenience. Getting rid of that clunker on your porch frees up a lot of personnel space. Likewise, junk vehicle removal service will also keep you away from your neighbours' side-eyes & ugly when they walk by.

If you have an old inoperable vehicle clustered with rust and you are annoyed by its presence, then what the finest luck that you've discovered us! 90% of a car's body would go into recycling or reuse when it becomes junk. Now, local junkyards will charge money to demolish them but not us! Contrarily we do car removal for cash

Car Removal Service

An old car on your porch is not just a rotting piece of scrap metal; it is far more beneficial than that. A car is a combination of vast devices, electrical and mechanic that collectively operate it. When it turns into a junk car, then some of the elements can still be used. Recycling them with junk car service will be helpful; some of the significant components that can be recycled are listed below.  

Steel Content: A car has 50% to 65% percent steel content in it. If the upper layers are rusted, then around 35% to 45% can still be recycled.    

Rubber: Rubber from tires and drive belts are extremely recyclable. After refining, they can also be used again for the same purpose or used for infill materials.  

Lead Battery: Lead batteries used in automobiles can also be recycled. They contain a robust recycling rate of 99% and mostly use for manufacturing batteries again.

Functioning Parts: Various parts of a totalled car are still operable even after so many years of abandoning. Some of the common are doors, catalytic converters, transmission systems etc.

Recycling with Junk Car Service

Giving you an idea of a car that half of its weight is due to its steel content. If the car was damaged and become inoperable for the long run, then car removals in Woodland Park NJ will help eliminate it. Our unwanted car removal service focus on buying a scrap car from you and reuse it in the best way to conquer the most satisfactory outcomes. 

Now, coming on the price of the car, it depends on various factors. While old vehicle removals, we initially inspect the whole vehicle and expose all the vehicle's pros and cons, then we sign an agreement that is, of course, to pay you for junk car service in Woodland Park NJ.

Old Car Removal

You might think that having a junk car in your backyard is just an eyesore, but believe us, now, it is not! If you have one, then rest assured you have landed in the right place. Most people expect free junk car removal, but we are sorry! We don't pick up junk cars for free; nonetheless, we provide junk car removal for cash! Yes, our faculty reuses the malfunctioning units of the scrap car. Thus, if you were looking for a junk car removal service, you are in the right place.

Regular companies for local junk car removal in Woodland Park NJ charge money for the services, but we are up to no sympathy with that. Our working criteria are much different; we profit from the rotten car; thus, we offer you a fair price.

Junk Car Removal for Cash

Repairing a faulty vehicle is worth it, but only when the condition is not so bad. Repairing old cars is just haptic, no matter how much you'll spend, they will show some other problems shortly. People end up calling services of old car removal in Woodland Park NJ, because they get tired of taking it to the auto workshop frequently.

In that case, if you have an old, totalled vehicle clustered with rust and completely inoperable, then it is best to call our services. We are the best answer against your google searches "junk car removal for cash near me" or "scrap car removal near me." Rather than just free car removal in Woodland Park NJ, we will pay accordingly.

Local Junk Car Removal


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Our flatbed tow trucks are the best way to deal with all types of situations that needs towing. 

Scrap my Car Service

Do you want to get rid of the rotting car in your yard? We provide the finest quotes for your scrap car! 

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Have you run out of fuel in the middle of somewhere? We provide instant fuel delivery services.

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We provide properly equipped motorcycle towing services to tow your bike anywhere you need!




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