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Mobile PC & Phone Repair holds a compact repute in the community for providing capable facilities for mobile, laptop, and PC repair. The amenities include battery replacement, screen replacement, unlocking services, charging port repair, and other minor to complex services.

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Electronic devices are the sole need of our everyday life. They play a vital role in easing up so much burden off the mind. Mobile and laptop repairing service in New York is very important when your phone or laptop shows faults, otherwise, it will muddle in your routine. There can be a ton of reasons why an electronic device is dropping performance. Our technicians analyze the problem and replenish the holes of the technicality that were causing trouble. Virtual consultations in today’s time are helpful to cure diminutive faults and getting estimates about the total cost.

Our professional services deal with every tiny to complex technical problem shown by mobile or laptop. We hold exclusive expertise in

Mobile and Laptop Repairing Service

LCDs are complex, filled with liquid crystal. They are fragile and can be damaged by a teensy hit. LCD repair in New York for many phone models is expensive because 70 % phone’s value is of its display panel. We can replace the damaged LCD right away. Local mobile technicians that are naiveté in the field commonly damage the board during the procedure, but our technicians hold a proper grip in mobile and laptop repairing services. Along with LCD repair, we deal in microphone Repair, camera repair, and digitizer repair in New York.

Most of the time, mobile phones show faults because of obvious reasons like dropping them, pressure on the screen, water getting inside the phone, board short circuit due to overcharging, etc. LCDs can also get damaged due to water staying inside them for too long, short circuits, or any other technical fault. A professional mobile and laptop repairing center like Mechanic PC & Phone Repair understands every reason and operates according to the appropriate procedure.

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Although, some of the latest flagship phones do offer a waterproof label on them. But they are not that resistant to water as they exaggerate their phones are. Water damage repair in New York is very urgently required if the phone was dipped in water. If your phone was dropped in water and if it is still working then you should consider services as soon as possible. If the back cover is removable then open it and remove the battery.

Using a phone that was in water can short circuit the board right away thus it is best to get water damage repair services as soon as possible. Our technicians can repair the water damaged phone with great efficiency. It is our routine work; thus, you can completely rely on our technicians. Along with water damage repair Likewise, we facilitate with unlocking services, water damage & other services Apple MacBook (Laptop), and services windows laptops in New York.

Water Damage Repair

Speakers' efficiency comes down when they are used extensively. But sudden damages can put faults in them. Speaker repair in New York is obliging inputting your mobile’s or laptop’s sound system back to normal. It is true that without sound systems, these devices are not completed. Thus, if they faulty, repairing them is the highest priority.

Mobile and laptop repairing service is necessary but local technicians charge extra even for a tiny fault to raise their wage. But it is not practiced at Mechanic PC & Phone Repair, we provide trustworthy mobile and laptop repairing service in New York. Our technicians are properly trained that have extensive experience so they know every perk in this field.

Speaker Repair in New York

Power packs in mobiles and laptops help them to operate efficiently. If the health of the battery decreases then the whole performance is affected. Battery replacement in New York is the best counter to get rid of damaged or faulty batteries. Some other common faults are shown by a damaged or too much-used battery that is power drainage, slow speed of device, camera not operating, touch not working, and many others.

If the battery of your mobile phone or laptop is showing problems then rest assured, you have landed in the right place. We can replace the battery with the original one right away that will put the performance of your device back to eminence. If you were googling “mobile repair near me” or “laptop repair near me” then our firm is the best answer. We hold a robust repute in this arena of mobile and laptop repairing services.

Battery Replacement


Battery Replacement

Is your phone draining power? Not enough battery health? Get our battery replacement services now!

Unlocking Service

Have you forgotten your password? Don’t worry! We provide effective unlocking services for all lock problems.

Screen Replacement

Damaged screens are irritating! Our screen replacement facility puts your display back to genuine stature.

Charging Port Repair

Charging Ports plays a vital role in device performance, if it is faulty, get our charging port repair services.




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