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We have been extensively serving the community with professional towing service & roadside assistance for more than five years. We have remarkably built trust among society through hard work and dedication. We are highly specialized in our field, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle because it would be in the right hands!

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Our rates are remarkably economical. You don’t have to worry about the costs because there won’t be a burden on your pocket!

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Our drivers, locksmiths, and technicians are licensed, trained, and skilled! They can help you out efficiently in every situation. 

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We provide proficient towing services, lockout services, and roadside assistance round the clock and throughout the calendar!

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Our proactive teams are always on the go! They reach out to you immediately and provide you instant help you need!

Flatbed towing trucks in Newark NJ, help transport vehicles and goods that a usual vehicle or a towing truck cannot tow. Flatbed towing trucks have flat space on their back that can hold up the vehicle. In towing the goods and flatbed towing, it helps transport sports car without putting down their standards and class. Flatbed wreckers at West Bro's Towing & Roadside Service are not limited to tow vehicles, but we can provide more than that. We are not limited to these; you will explore more! We are professionals, and we can transfer your vehicle with flatbed towing services in Newark, NJ, with excellent efficiency. Our rates are cost-effective, quality is best, the response is instant, trucks & technicians are fully equipped! What else do you need? Consult Us Now, and we will solve your problem immediately.

Flatbed Towing Trucks

Picture this; a Ferrari La Ferrari hung on a wheel lift towing cable, front side two feet above the ground, that would be devastating! Louis Camilleri (CEO of Ferrari) would close his eyes rather than look at that! Now think of an impounded or non-drivable Ferrari towed on a flatbed truckat least it would maintain the class.

Well, it's not just about the class! It's more than that, do you know? Towing your luxury vehicle with a wheel lift can damage your drivetrain, and it can harm the engine's future performance. However, while towing with flatbed towing trucksthe drivetrain is because of the car's static position on the flatbed. Automatic cars can also get damaged when lifted with towing.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

These days good towing services are hard to find. Local towing service providers don't tend to send their assistance immediately; they are usually late. West Bro's Towing & Roadside Service provides immediate response whenever you need it. We are available 24/7, ring us and tell us your problems & whereabouts, our team will get to you as soon as possible.

Urgent Flatbed Towing Services

Think about this! You are traveling in Newark, NJ; it's late-night, your car's engine breaks down due to some mechanical reason, it won't startup! All the regular auto workshops are closed at that hour of the night. When All hope seems to be lost, West Bro's Towing & Roadside Service will help you out. We will take you to the nearest safe spot so you could be comfortable.  

Flatbed Towing Services

West Bro's Towing & Roadside Service is here to get you fully equipped flatbed towing in Newark, NJ, at a very reasonable price. Our main motive is to provide you with adequate assistance and towing services to be back on the road. Whether you are searching "Flatbed Towing Near Meor "Flatbed tow truck near me," West Bro's Towing & Roadside Service can get you the best help you need.

Equipped Flatbed Trucks


Emergency Towing

We provide professional and immediate services of emergency towing in an economical rate list.

Roadside Assistance

Whether it is a flat tire or a flat battery, we facilitate with the finest 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Lockout Service

Locked out of your house or out of your car? Don’t Worry! We provide premium Lockout Services.

Flatbed Towing

We provide fully equipped flatbed towing trucks to deliver your vehicle wherever you want without any damage!




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