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Pro Window Tinting & Wraps

Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is your very own car’s styler. Our major amenities include window tinting, auto wrapping, and auto glass. We are extensively in the business for two decades. No one survives that long without quality and hard work. The rates are nominal and the services are premium; completely cost-effective.

Tinting Service in Orange NJ

An automobile adhering to tinting service in Orange NJ looks much more elegant than a plain or simple vehicle. Ceramic window tints installed on them enchant their look and increase their resale value. There are a ton of car tinting available in the market but selecting the best requires some sound knowledge. Pro Window Tinting and Wraps is a professional firm that provides you the finest window tinting in Orange NJ film and rim painting service with the right features according to your need and budget. Our catalog covers:

  • Hybrid window tint
  • Carbon fiber tint
  • Ceramic windshield tint
  • 3m Carbon tint
  • Ceramic window film
  • Crystalline window tint
  • 1.5 mm metalized tint
  • Metalized window film

Whether it is you need ceramic tint film with 20 percent dark shade or a metalized window film with solar heat elimination, we provide all. The line is available round the clock and throughout the calendar. Whenever you need our services consult us right away!

Window Tinting in Orange NJ

Car window tinting in Orange NJ is reliable and easily surpasses a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. This is a minimum grade of expectancy, if the driver won’t put their car in a hard brushed based car wash booth then they might live up to 8 years. The peeling off of the window tint films from the edges is the sign that you are treating them too harshly. Our provided auto tints come with a life expectancy of 5 to 8 years, so you don’t have to worry about them!

On the other hand, if you were googling “car tinting near me” or “best window tinting near me” then rest assured you have already landed in the right place. Our car window tinting prices in Orange NJ are very economical as compared to the other market, that is because we focus on every sort of financial audience. This is the reason the community has labeled us as a “cost-effective” tinting center in the place.

Tint Film in Orange NJ

Colored window glass for the vehicle is just expensive and there are not many options of variety. Mobile tint film in Orange NJ is the best way to counter the cons of colored window glasses. Our stock has an extensive range of professional window tinting containing different textures, designs, and material qualities for every specific need, i.e., ceramic tint, metalized tinting, carbon fiber tinting, etc. If you are looking for a mid-range auto glass tinting for your vehicle then the metalized film will be most suitable for you that have main features;

  • Matching appearance with gloss or chrome look of the car.
  • Unique texture.
  • Good privacy even with a lower VLT (visible light transmission) level.
  • heat intensity reduction to a good ratio.
  • Mirror-like view from the outside.
  • No glare because of light.
  • Filtering ultra-violet radiation up to 98%
  • Better hold on to the window glass.
  • No peeling off of the tint film.

Premier Window Tinting in Orange NJ

Premier window tinting in orange is a fine way to make your vehicle more elegant and classier than before. The pre-cut window tinting can be installed on any of your automobile models. Pro Window Tinting and Wraps have an extensive range of window tints for every car model. If you were googling “mobile car window tinting” or “mobile window tinting” then you have already landed in the right place. You might be wondering what auto tinting in Orange NJ would benefit other than privacy and decrease in light intensity then there are a couple of further pros:

Shattered Glass Protection: In an accident, the glass window shatters into small pieces that are bigger cause of injury to head and face of passengers. Now, we hope no one would ever involves in any terrible sort of terrible happening, but errors are the part of nature. Auto window tinting in Orange NJ holds the shattered pieces of glass thus reducing the chances of injury.

Increased Resale Value: Two certain sorts of vehicle films i.e., auto wrapping (to protect painted skin) and window tinting (to protect window glass) increase the resale value of the vehicle. Vehicle window tinting in Orange NJ, keep the glass shiny as new even after years so the vehicle’s value sustains from this side.

Auto Glass Tint in Orange NJ

An auto glass tint in Orange is the best way to increase certain advantages in the comfort of the automobile. They are briefly noted as:

Heat Rejection: The automotive window tinting from a professional mobile tint shop in Orange rejects heat entering the vehicle. This feature of window tinting film in Orange NJ sustains a cooler environment inside the automobile.

Filtering Ultra-Violet: Ultra-violet rays are harmful to health. They damage the vision, cause skin diseases i.e., leathery skin, skin cancer (in extreme cases), heat hives, etc. Mostly cheap window tinting in Orange NJ  does not have this feature but our mobile tint service in Orange provides glass films that eliminate UV rays up to 95%.

Unique Appearance: Tinting service adds a unique appearance to the vehicle. The acrylic and ceramic tint film gives an exclusive look that stands out the automobile in-crowd.


Services We Offer

Vinyl Wrapping

Are you willing to enchant your car’s look? No worries! We provide premium vinyl wraps!

Partial Wraps

You need an official decal or any customized partial wrap for your vehicle? Come to us!

Window Tints

Our amenities include all sorts of window films i.e., ceramic, metalized, etc. whatever you need!

Auto Wraps

We provide proficient auto wraps that protect your car skin and enhance the appearance!

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I was looking for pre-cut tints for my Acura NSX 91 then I bumped here, the tint films were pretty good.

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The staff has done really neat work, never expected my car to look so classy after the ceramic tints!

Joshua Levane


The best tinting center in the area! I am much impressed by their spotless working technique and product quality.

Nora Smith


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