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Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is your very own car’s styler. Our major amenities include window tinting, auto wrapping, and auto glass. We are extensively in the business for two decades. No one survives that long without quality and hard work. The rates are nominal and the rvices are premium; completely cost-effective.

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Our company has been serving the community for 20 years successfully & efficiently.

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We provide fully customized auto wraps to cover every sort of casual or official need.

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You want to make your car elegant---turn it so eye-catching that it stands out on the road? Well then, you are in the right place. Full body car wrap in Belleville is a super effective way to change the look of the automobile. The bigger news about the car wrap design is that you can install them in a fraction of the money typically cost for car painting.

Our Auto Wraps Better than Repaint?

  • Need Less Time for Installation: Car wrapping graphics on the vehicle takes less time for installation than paints.
  • Extensive Variety: Custom vinyl car wraps come in an extensive range of texture, color, and finishes.
  • Protective: Paints are the real skin of vehicles and auto wraps are the covering on them, so they act as a protective layer.
  • Cost-effective: If the paint is neat, then installing full body vehicle wrap in Belleville, costs just a fraction of repainting.

Full Body Car Wrap in Belleville

Repainting is expensive and when you just want to change the color of your car because you don’t like then auto wraps is the best recommendation. Car wrapping cost in Belleville is just a fraction of repainting charges. Talking about car wrapping price in Belleville, some certain factors variates the total bill.

Size of the Car: It plays a keen role in summing up the total bill because the larger the size of the vehicle will consume more car wrap films/efforts.

Complexity of the Wrap: If the job is complex like interior wrapping is included, then charges will be accordingly.

Finish: Some finishes take considerable hard work i.e., ceramic coating, chrome-plating, etc. thus the cost-figures depends on them.

Durability Level: Auto wrap’s durability plays a key factor. Average auto wraps have average prices and vice versa.

Labor is Required: If there are already installed car wraps on the automobile then it might be hard to remove the front and rear bumper covers.

Car Wrapping Cost in Belleville

If you are willing to change the look of the automobile then repainting is a much expensive way but vehicle wrap design in Belleville costs just a fraction of them. Hence, installing a vehicle wrap design on the vehicle protects the original skin of the vehicle, maintain its resale value, reflects excessive heat, gives a unique appearance, and acts as a shield from road pebbles. If you are willing to go for vinyl wrap installation in Belleville then you have already bumped in the right place. Our catalog holds an extensive variety of wraps, whether it is you need race car wrap design or truck wrap design you need, we provide all.

  • Gloss: Shimmering appearance, a good reflection of light.
  • Satin Wraps: Medium shining, dull than gloss, and shinier than matte.
  • Matte Wraps: Minimum light reflection with a distinctive dull finish. 
  • Carbon Fiber: The finishing with carbonized particulates.
  • Chrome Wraps: High shimmering with ultra-light reflection.
  • Shade Shifter: Shade shifting with multi-color from different angles. 
  • Metallic: Gradient with metalized particle to blaze a metallic look. 

Vehicle Wrap Design in Belleville

Auto body wrap in Belleville is the best way to enchant the look of the vehicle and make it stand out on the road. If you are planning to design your race car wrap and install it on the vehicle then you have bumped in the right place. Tuck in and follow the procedure.

How You Can Wrap A Car?

  • Select the type and quantity you want to put on your vehicle, i.e., color shifting, graphics, etc.
  • Map your surface, take proper measurements.
  • Now, the right tool for the right job: heat gun, squeegee, cutting blade, cutting tape, cleaning solution, measuring tape, gloves, and infrared thermometer.
  • Clean the area around the vehicle so that no debris or dust would sneak.
  • Clean the vehicle surface with soapy water and new non-lint clothes.
  • Take measurements of the wrap and cut them down.
  • Lay the wrap the vehicle while double-checking.
  • Start in the middle, this will help to avoid bubbles effectively.
  • Take the squeegee and settle the wrap with heat.
  • Cut the excessive car body wrap not the car body!
  • Tuck the edges inside.
  • Heat the wrap and set properly
  • Celebrate your car’s new look, that was a long sweaty task, open a cold one!

Auto Body Wrap in Belleville

If you are not looking forward to installing a full body car wrap then the partial vehicle wrap in Belleville is a better option for specific reasons. They are used for advertising, brand decal, official messages, protective layer, and vinyl wrapping. If you were searching ‘vinyl car wrap near me’ for partial wraps then you have already landed in the right place. 

Decal: The partial car wraps are used as decals. We offer graphical decals of your choice. It can be a quote, any specific design even a picture.

Vinyl: You want your car to stand out on the road? Vinyl partial wraps will give them a distinctive appearance.

Official Signature: Any official signature can be applied on vehicles with partial car wraps. Mostly used by private companies to represent their brand.

Partial Vehicle Wrap in Belleville


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