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Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is extensively serving the community for nearly two decades. Our main amenities include auto window tinting, & auto wrapping. Our main dedication lies in providing neat and professional services. Whether it is a custom or readymade film sheet, the crew of highly creative designers turns your ideas into reality.

20 years of Experience

Our company has been serving the community for 20 years successfully & efficiently.

Extensive Range

Our catalog is not limited to specific categories, but we provide an extensive range of product variety.


The quality of products is premium while rates are economical, thus the services are cost-effective.

Professional Crew

We are in the business for nearly twenty years so the staff is richly experienced and skilled.

Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is now the largest and fastest-growing cars tinting in Newark company and we are continually expanding. We are all professionally qualified by top trainer nations, use the best available films and give you a friendly, competent service with the best guarantee from the industry.

Tens of thousands of cars have been tinted by our auto window tinting near me services. An impressive range of Evoque vehicles and buildings to shield children from the heat and glare when watching their DVDs, to the top of the Porsches and Ferrari range. We've done ceramic window tint work for many big companies and brands. Also, we have tinted a single window in a kitchen to provide protection, and by eliminating heat and glare, converted so many conservatories into functional spaces. Whether it's a single-car window tinting, call us for tint shop near me services.

Cars Tinting in Newark NJ

A very fast, cost-effective, and simple way to add style and protection to your car is to use solar control films by best window tint in Newark NJ services. In your home, conservatory, or office, it will minimize warmth and glare. 99% of harmful UV rays are also blocked, shielding your loved ones and virtually preventing the fading of your furniture and carpets. That’s what makes us the best solar auto window tinting near me service providers. We also offer limo tint, windshield tint, and pre-cut window tint in Newark NJ services.

Consider the fact that a good solar control film added to your building would significantly reduce the internal temperature of that building, making it a much more comfortable place to live or work in, these days when global warming is the topic on everyone's lips. Not only that, it won't have to work anywhere near as hard if you have to air-condition, reducing your power usage and, more importantly, saving you cash! For auto window tint in Newark NJ or to know the window tinting prices in Newark NJ, call us today.

Solar Mobile Window Tinting in Newark NJ

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for reputable front window tint services. Did you know that Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is NJ's largest tinting company, tinting about 10,000 cars alone last year! We provide a variety of cheap window tinting services that are competitively priced and ideal for protecting your car or land. Services include inexpensive tints for car windows, property tinting window film, film for paint protection, smart switchable film for windows, ceramic coatings, car wraps, film for commercial windows, and film for bomb blast protection. We can also help you in removing window tint.

We come to you at a time to suit you, to make things simple. Our tinters are qualified to the highest standards and a lifetime warranty comes with all our window film products, giving you greater peace of mind. This is the reason we are the leading providers of 30 window tinting Newark NJ services. For an estimate for window tint cost in Newark NJ or car window tinting cost, call us now.

Front Windshield Tint in Newark NJ

A lot of windows now have around the outer edges what is known as a dot-matrix effect and this can cause the movie to sit slightly proud of the glass, but there is nothing to worry about. Airborne dirt and dust are the only other concern.

Obviously, we keep it as spotless as possible, but short of operating on the glass in a vacuum (not healthy) tiny bits of minute dust as we lay the 3m crystalline tint film, you will not even notice them 99 percent of the time under normal circumstances. This is the reason we don't provide a smartphone tinting service in normal circumstances. How could we do a clean job on the side of the road, maybe! For car window tinting prices, call our experts today.

Legal Window Tint in Newark NJ

We offer numerous types of window tint. Thus, we can tint almost anything. We can tint it if it's glass! We blackout a lot of vans' rear windows so that prying eyes can't see what's inside and this is being done to estate cars by more and more people. It's almost impossible now to see from the outside what's in the back, but you can still see without any trouble out of the windows.

In order to appear trendy and stand out from the crowd, company car owners should even get their cars tinted so we can remove the film without leaving any residue so that you can return the car as you find it. A special film is stuck to the inside of the bottle. In comparison to cheaper tint car films, ours is actually bonded to the glass and is guaranteed for as long as you hold the vehicle against flaking or delaminating!

Professional Window Tinting in Newark NJ


Auto Wraps

Consult our neat services of auto wrap installation with a wide range of colors, or textures.

Partial Wraps

We provide decals, signatory wraps, or any unique partial wrap for all sorts of vehicles.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps can be fully customized and specially designed to match a specific theme.

Window Tints

All sort of shades, colors, textures, finishes is available at Pro Window Tinting & Wraps.




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