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Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is your very own car’s styler. Our major amenities include window tinting, auto wrapping, and auto glass. We are extensively in the business for two decades. No one survives that long without quality and hard work. The rates are nominal and the services are premium; completely cost-effective.

Car Wraps in Maplewood

Are you tired of your automobile’s old look that has not been changed for several years? Now, it might be the time! Car wraps in Maplewood are the most economical way to cheer up your vehicle’s look. Whether it is planting shrubs in the garden, replacing the wallpapers, or changing the car color, all these little things add spice & excitement to life. Now, repainting the car is expensive and takes much time, therefore vehicle vinyl wrap in Maplewood is best to save money and time. Our catalog is vast and consists of;

  • Custom car wraps
  • Chrome vinyl wrap
  • Carbon fiber vinyl wrap
  • Satin wraps
  • Gloss black vinyl wraps
  • Brushed metal wraps
  • Shade shifter wraps
  • Reflective finishes
  • Leather finish
  • Metallic auto wrap
  • Aluminum car wrap
  • Velvet-texture wrapping
  • Wood shade finish

On the other hand, if you were searching ‘car wrap near me’ or ‘vehicle wraps near me’ then rest assured you have already landed in the right place. Our dedication lies in providing the most suitable wrap film for you!

Vinyl Wrap in Maplewood

Vinyl wrap in Maplewood is the best way to enchant the vehicle’s appearance and make it stand out on the road. Different vinyl wrapping films fulfill different ventures of texture, finish, and designs on the vehicle. Our cabinet covers an extensive range of cool car wraps in Maplewood. The technicians and car stylers here are richly experienced in their field. They help you select the most suitable model for your vehicle.

Gloss Finish: Gloss auto wrapping provides a shimmering to the vehicle. They are distinctive for their sheen and glossy texture.

Metallic Finish: Metallic vinyl wrapping films are known for the metalized texture and reflective feature. The light reflection ensures heat rejection and keeps the temperature cool inside the vehicle. 

Leather Texture Wraps: These leather texture wraps are mostly used for the interior of the vehicle. They are applied on the dashboard and side doors.

Black Vinyl Wrap in Maplewood

Black is an extremely attractive color on vehicles. No matter what sort of car it is, black always suite. If you want to install black vinyl wrap in Maplewood, then our wrapping center provides you every texture, design, and finish. Much of the 3m vinyl wrap in Maplewood comes in black & dark gray coloring that cultivates a classic look on the vehicle.

Carbon Fiber Wrap: Carbon fiber wraps are one of the most commonly used wrap films for vehicles. They have a very balanced ratio of sheen and dullness. The heat rejection is good and the layer is thick.

Matte Car Wraps: Matte car wraps give a very low ratio of reflection. They layer out a dull but smooth texture. Matte vehicle wraps in Maplewood are distinctive for diminutive sheen level.

Chrome Vinyl Wrap: Chrome vinyl wraps stretch out the highest level of sheen. They are known for their super shimmering & reflective texture. Chrome vinyl wraps are mostly used on sports cars.

Car Wrap Prices in Maplewood

Car wrap prices in Maplewood depends on some factors. The texture, finish, and complexity in the installation job sums up the total bill for the car wrapping service. These factors are:

  • Durability: More durable the wrap will be, the pricier it will be.
  • Finish: Different finishes have different prices.
  • Full Body or Partial: Partial car wrapping is much economical than the same wrapping for a full car.
  • Custom: Going for readymade designs will be affordable than customized car wraps.

Location of services plays a factor in summing up the total cost. The disparity of vehicle wrap cost in Maplewood is completely reasonable, the extra is for traveling efforts and fueling. As we facilitate with:

  • In-Person Visit: Don’t want to leave the house for any reason? No worries! We will come to your place. Consult our in-person services and our team will install car wraps at your place.
  • On-Center Service: You can come to our auto wrapping center for auto wraps. Here, you can select from an extensive variety, choosing the right wrap for you!

We provide high-quality car vinyl in Maplewood at a nominal rate. An explicit guarantee is given for each model of car wrapping films. Thus, if you were searching ‘vinyl wrap near me’ then you can count on us!

Wrap Your Car in Maplewood

If you want to wrap your car in Maplewood then you have landed in the right place. Pro Window Tinting & Wrap provides an extensive range of custom car wraps. Tell us the wrap film you want and we will deliver it right away. But if you want us to install them then consult our car wrapping service.

How you Can Wrap Your Car! Installing car wrap on your own is a fun process but it can be time taking. Anyhow, if you want to do it, then order the wraps and stick to the method explained ahead.

  • Plan out the process to vinyl wrap the automobile.
  • Clean & prep the car before vehicle wrapping.
  • Measure and cut your vinyl wrap.
  • Apply the vinyl wrap to the car carefully while double-checking.
  • Cut the extra vinyl wrap film.
  • Tuck in the edges to give it the neatness.
  • Heat the car wrap and settle it properly.


Services We Offer

Vinyl Wrapping

Are you willing to enchant your car’s look? No worries! We provide premium vinyl wraps!

Partial Wraps

You need an official decal or any customized partial wrap for your vehicle? Come to us!

Window Tints

Our amenities include all sorts of window films i.e., ceramic, metalized, etc. whatever you need!

Auto Wraps

We provide proficient auto wraps that protect your car skin and enhance the appearance!

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I have a mustang 95 and wanted to turn it in iconic red color, I consulted them and they did an amazing job.

Kellie Potters


The rates are very nominal plus the installation was very neat. There wasn’t a single bubble in the wraps!

Johnson Yates


Their teams are pretty professional, I consulted car wrapping service for my both cars and it was impressive!

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