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Pro Window Tinting & Wraps is extensively serving the community for nearly two decades. Our main amenities include auto window tinting, & auto wrapping. Our main dedication lies in providing neat and professional services. Whether it is a custom or readymade film sheet, the crew of highly creative designers turns your ideas into reality.

Car Window Tinting in Maplewood NJ

The chameleon tint gives a stylish look to your vehicle. It also improves the visibility through the vehicle and reduces the glare of the other vehicle lights. If you want to get a car window tinting, then there are few things that you should keep in mind. The list of those things is mentioned below:

  • Laws For Mobile Window Tinting in Maplewood NJ
  • Various Colors for Auto Tint Service in Maplewood NJ
  • The Quality of the Cars tinting Service in Maplewood NJ
  • The Company of the Service

Laws For Mobile Window Tinting in Maplewood NJ

There are 50 states in the United States, and most of them have different laws for the 5-window tint. Like, the shade of the film on the driver's side and the windshield. The color of the tints. Few shades are prohibited in some states. The same goes for the colors. The Mirror film is banned in some states, and you can get fined if you get in on your car.

The Color of The Film

The color of the film plays an essential role in the rooks of your car. If your car is red and you get pink tints, then your car will not look good. To get the best color for your car windows, you can search online and type window tinting near me. You will find different cars with tints, and you can pick a color for yours as well. You can also ask the company from which you are getting the service. They are experienced and may have tinted thousands of cars. They can give you better advice.

The Quality of The Film

If you want your car to look good, then you should always get the best quality sheet. If you buy a cheaper sheet, then it will have an ugly look. It can also start to chip away, or worse. It can ruin the window of your vehicle. So, make sure to buy the best film. The best company for the sheet is 3m. They are the biggest manufacturer of these films, and we use only their film on the vehicles.

The Quality of The Service

The quality of the service matters a lot because it decides how your tint will look and how long it will last. If you choose the best tint for your car and the company that applies it is not experts, the result will not be that good. So, always make sure to hire the best company to apply the film to your car.

For this service, you can hire Pro Window Tinting and Wraps. We have professional and trained employees who make sure to deliver the best service to our clients. They make sure that the tint is applied in the best possible way and lasts long. To find us online, type car window tinting near me, and you will be able to find us on the very top page of google.

Ceramic Window Tint in Maplewood NJ

Ceramic window tint is a particular type of window film service. It is not like a film but more like a coating. Its application process is entirely different from the average film. In regular tinting, a sheet is a stick with a window that protects it from foreign objects. However, in ceramic service, there is no film but a liquid. In this process, a water-like liquid is applied to the window after cleaning it thoroughly. Then the liquid is left to dry on the car. It is essential to apply an even and very thin coating of the liquid.

When the coating dries, it is buffed using a round buffer. This process gives the car a rugged and water-resistant coating. This coating can also reduce the amount of heat to enter the car and help reduce light glare from other vehicles. The best part is that it is not very expensive and lasts way longer than the tint. There are only a few things to take care of when you get this coating:

  • Don't rub any stiff cloth on your vehicle.
  • Don't get a wrap for your car after applying the ceramic coating.
  • Don't apply the window tint service after applying the ceramic coating.
  • Don't leave your car in the sun for an extended amount of time. Otherwise, it may damage the coating.

Windshield Tint Service in Maplewood NJ

The tinting film which is applied on the windshield is a bit lighter than the other windows. It is because it is an ordinary law in us. It is done so that the cops can see in the car at a checkpoint or whenever they stop you. It also helps to identify the people sitting in the car using a CCTV camera. If you want the film of your windscreen to last long, then make sure to buy the best film for your car.

The front screen gets the most wear and tear due to the air friction, dust particles, and rain wipers. If you want to get the best 70 window tint service, then get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to tint your car for you. We also provide the best Window Tint Service in Maplewood, NJ.

Window Tinting Prices in Maplewood NJ

The window tint cost depends on the company you hire to get the auto window tinting and the brand of the film. If you want to get a cheaper service, then look for the local firms. To find them, type car tint near me or tint shop near me. In this way, you will find a company working locally and will offer you the best pre-cut window tint price.


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Consult our neat services of auto wrap installation with a wide range of colors, or textures.

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We provide decals, signatory wraps, or any unique partial wrap for all sorts of vehicles.

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Vinyl wraps can be fully customized and specially designed to match a specific theme.

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All sort of shades, colors, textures, finishes is available at Pro Window Tinting & Wraps.

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