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FTS Towing Service Provides Efficient Towing and Roadside Services!

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FTS Towing Service

FTS Towing is a highly specialized corporation that has dynamic expertise in towing facilities and roadside assistance. We have built a well-recognized name in the community by providing trustable services in the arena. We acquire zero customer complaints! Our foremost priority is you! And we never put a delay in our approach!

Premium Services

We are thoroughly dedicated to providing the most satisfactory services! Our response time is quick, and assistance is systematic!

Professional Teams

We acquire expert faculty licensed, trained, and experienced, so you know that your property is in the right hands!

24/7 Support

Our proactive support is here at your service round the clock and throughout the calendar! Just ring us & we’ll be there!

Affordable Charges

Our charges are very affordable and minimal as compared to the market! All of our products and services are at a reasonable rate!

A car is a great way to reach somewhere really fast as compared to other lower category vehicles. But cars sometimes can show problems like not starting up or consuming fuel too fast. Well, today's technology cars are best known for their performance in fuel average, but due to some obvious reason, it may start to consume more than average. The performance of the cars depends a ton on the type of fuel. The best for the average of the vehicle is high octane.  But sometimes, the car still stops and needs some assistance. FTS Towing is here at your service to provide you immediate services of emergency towing in Leon Valley TX.

Emergency Towing

When a car becomes impounded and is not drivable, then the need for towing is demanded. By towing, the indisposed car is taken to somewhere safe or to some workstation. FTS Towing provides the most immediate services to tow any vehicle. We can tow any vehicle with very ease. Our rates are also very affordable.  We are the best possible answer for anyone’s google search emergency towing near me. “ We are capable of towing heavy vehicles also to what place our customer wants. We provide the best towing truck service in the whole area.

Emergency Towing Near Me

An emergency can hit a man anytime and anywhere. There is nothing anyone can do to stop an emergency from being happening. It is a part of nature. But it is possible to prevent and minimize the probability of the emergency by taking precautionary measures. These precautionary driving measures may include fastening the seat belts, checking the fuels, checking the engine oil, checking the breaks, whether they are working or not. These precautionary measures can stop an unfortunate, but if it is to happen, then it will happen anyway. The car can still show problems on the road even if you have tuned your engine, and if it needs to be towed, FTS Towing  is here at your service. We provide 24-hour Emergency Towing services in Leon Valley TX.

24-hour Emergency Towing

FTS Towing is a professional firm, and it knows how to handle every type of situation. We have the latest technology that can take care of your vehicle. Our staff is trained and skilled; they have a sound knowledge of how to operate their gadgets and equipment. Our Emergency tow trucks are fully equipped with the latest technology so that your vehicle is delivered in its original condition. Our rate list is already very reasonable so that everyone can afford us. We don’t let our service quality down because of low rates than the market. We provide a 24/7 Towing service in Leon Valley, TX.

Emergency Tow Truck


Emergency Towing

We provide the finest services of emergency towing to help you out immediately.

Roadside Assistance

FTS Towing facilitates the community with excellent roadside assistance services.

Lockout Services

We provide trained locksmiths and technicians to handle lockout situations capably.

Battery Replacement

Are you facing a flat battery? No Worries! Our specialized faculty can help you out wherever and whenever you need! Ring Us Now!




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