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For our customer's best interest and complete satisfaction, we offer a full line of the highest quality glass, window, door, and shower enclosure installation services and products available in the industry today. When it comes to your home or place of business, you need someone you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust to do the job right. We have built a reputation in the community for providing quality customer service when you need it most.

Curtain Wall Contractor in Levittown, PA

The curtain wall system in Levittown, PA, clad a building envelope with glass and aluminum to protect the interior from the elements and creates a safe and comfortable work environment for the building occupants. Curtain walls in Levittown, PA, are designed only to carry their weight. The wall transfers wind loads to the main building structure at connection points in the floors or columns of the building. A curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration and sway created by wind and seismic forces and their weight.

Holland Glass & Door takes pride in providing the best glass curtain walls in Levittown, PA. Curtain walls are designed to span multiple floors and consider design requirements such as thermal expansion and contraction, building sway and movement, water diversion, and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting in the building.

Glass Curtain Wall in Levittown, PA

Suppose you want a facade that will make your building as energy efficient as it is visually striking. In that case, our glass curtain wall systems will give you just that. We work closely alongside the project's architects and general contractors to provide unitized curtain walls or stick curtain walls in Levittown, PA, that perfectly complements each project's design. These lightweight exterior solutions will give you complete control of your building's aesthetics with unparalleled design versatility for small and large units.

If you need a kawneer curtain wall in Levittown, PA, for your next commercial project, trust the experts at Holland Glass & Door to get the job done right. We have an evident vision of what the customer wants and what we have to deliver. With our crystal clear vision, it is not difficult to offer pleasing aesthetics, utility, and functionality to the customer at each stage. We face every challenging situation with unlimited skills, undaunted confidence, and a determination to be perfect.

Glazed Curtain Wall in Levittown, PA

Curtain wall systems in Levittown, PA, are typically designed with extruded aluminum members. The aluminum frame is typically infilled with glazed glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building and benefits such as daylighting. However, parameters related to solar gain control, such as thermal comfort and visual comfort, are more challenging to control when using highly glazed curtain walls. Other common infills include stone veneers, metal panels, louvers, and operable windows or vents. We are the best contractors for curtain wall houses in Levittown, PA.

We are involved with the client and prioritize his likes and dislikes at every project of curtain wall glazing system. With several years of experience behind us, we qualify as the top and unsurpassed name in the world of curtain wall construction in Levittown, PA. Our clients range from esteemed companies, commercial complexes, and leisure-themed spots. Some of the best names in the industrial world are closely associated with us.

Double Glazed Curtain Wall in Levittown, PA

As its name, double glazed curtain wall has two layers of building envelope and has one more air cavity than single-layer curtain wall system. It is essential to have this air cavity in this system, with better weather resistance and noise insulation performance. This air cavity can be designed to adjust the air circulation between the interior and outdoor. Holland Glass & Door provides the best curtain wall glazing in Levittown, PA. There are many benefits of the glass curtain wall section in Levittown, PA. Although you might not have initially thought it, and even though glass curtain wall systems aren't designed to provide structural stability, they can reduce the sway of a building.

Energy efficiency is significant for any commercial structure. When adequately treated with double glazing, a custom curtain wall system in Levittown, PA, can help improve the thermal efficiency of any building. No one likes working in a building with low levels of natural light, and curtain walling offers the unique benefit of making the most out of daylight, helping it reach even the most challenging spaces.

Spider Glass Curtain Wall in Levittown, PA

Spider glazing is a high-grade stainless steel fixing designed to absorb the static and dynamic loads (including the dead weight of the glass and other external factors like wind load, snow load, temperature variation) and spread the load uniformly across the support structure. As your curtain wall contractor in Levittown, PA, we provide the top quality and easily affordable spider glass curtain wall in Levittown, PA.

Curtain walling systems are used in some of the world's most well-known buildings because they create beautiful architecture which is practical and functional. Its aluminum structure can accommodate single large spans and is sealed with glass to help reduce construction costs. We use the kawneer 1600 wall system to provide you with the best glass curtain walls in Levittown, PA.


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