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Triple B Lock & Key has remarkably built a name in locksmith services by providing trustful and reliable lockout services. Our main motive is to facilitate you with the most delicate lock services: installing, unlocking, rekeying, repairing, optimizing, and upgrading locks. Our high expertise has helped us to gain the community’s confidence in the arena of locksmith services.

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Our support team is always here for you! We provide 24/7 proactive services to help you out in quirky lockout situations!

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We believe in the smartness of work; we acquire professional staff that is adequately trained and certified in their field.

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Our rates for services are super-reasonable! We guarantee no extra or hidden charges that’ll put you in surprise!

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Our proactive teams provide you instant responses to help you out in emergencies so you could be at ease!

Our Company Triple B Lock & key is highly specialized to provide the best and affordable services of any locksmith services in your town and the surrounding ones. If you are looking for a duplicate key maker in Denver CO, there is nothing better than our locksmith company. Sometimes people only have their original key for their car. Or even for their home that comes with a lock or the car’s making company. But it is a good idea to have a duplicate key in your hand as well.

Losing your key from returning a short vacation or from a long day from the shopping. And then you realize your key that’s going to help you to enter your house is lost. And you are staring at your kitchen from your parking lot. Did you ask yourself why? Why? Why is it always me? Don’t worry. Triple B Lock & Key is at your service.

We can help you to get back into your property when your key is lost with no problem without damaging your property. And also, we’re going to help you in making you a duplicate key. So next time, whenever you lost your key, your duplicate key got your back to help you in these kinds of emergency services. If you are looking for any key duplication in Denver CO, we can help you.

Affordable key maker Denver CO

At Triple B Lock & key, we take pride ourself that we can help you in any key cutting in Denver, CO. Our company is a one-stop-shop for all types of key cutting services. And also making any key duplicating services. If you are looking for any key re-cut of the master key, we can also help you. We are always here available 24/7 to help our customers with unmatched services and reliable products.

As a professional and certified locksmith, we have accomplished tons of working experience. Having this kind of experience, we can help you to avoid these kinds of problems.

  • A freshly duplicated key that is jamming means getting a hard time to use, or not working at all.
  • If you have some special kind of key, waiting for someone more experienced to help you with your need.
  • Going from store to store. Because the key you are holding is a special one, and they do not have it on-hand.

key cutting Denver CO

When you need to make new keys for your lock give us a visit. We can help you with any kind of key maker Denver CO services. Our expert professional and certified locksmith can help you to make any kind of in just a few minutes. When we create a duplicate key, we take every needed step to make sure that the replicated key looks closer to the original key. Try us once and we can assure you that you will never regret it.

Professional key makers Denver CO


Home Lock Change

Triple B Lock & Key is the best answer for your home lockout situations. Our Locksmiths can provide you efficient services of home lock change in Golden CO.

Car Lockout Servise

Getting locked out of the car is the thing that happens in routine to somebody in the world. For the best car lockout service in Morrison CO, Triple B Lock & Key is here at your service.

Car Lockout Service

Getting locked out of the car is the thing that happens in routine to somebody in the world. For the best car lockout service in Morrison CO, Triple B Lock & Key is here at your service.

Emergency Locksmith

We provide an immediate response to haptic lockout situations by sending skilled locksmiths to your location to help you out!




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